By: Aaron Schillinger @FFD260
Updated: 1/10/2018

2018 Dynasty Buys and Sells
Trades. We’ve been getting dynasty trades like crazy on Twitter lately. If you’ve been following us throughout the 2017 season, you’ve probably seen our Dynasty Buy Low & Sell High articles. The latest one, ‘Dynasty Buy Low & Sell High 5.0’ can be found here. This is the first of a series that I’ll be putting out this off-season and during the 2018 season.

Whether you won your league this year or tanked and have a plethora of picks, everyone needs to be buying and selling players at the right time. It’s a key part to Dynasty Fantasy Football. Waiting too long or selling too son can be costly, and I’ll do what I can to help you make these trades at the right time.

Dynasty Buys
QB Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford has got to be one of the most underrated Dynasty QBs out there. Last year this was the case, and it’s already looking like the same heading into the off-season. DLF ADP from December has Stafford has the 15th QB off the board, and he just finished as the number 7 QB in fantasy. He also finished as the number 7 QB in 2016. He’s 29 and has plenty of football left in him.

RB Elijah McGuire
This rookie was one of my favorite sleepers heading into 2017. I’m not afraid to admit when I’ve missed on a player, but McGuire still has plenty of time to prove himself. Not to mention, Matt Forte is basically irrelevant anymore, and Bilal Powell was very underwhelming this year. The Jets would also only have $1,000,000 in dead cap if they release him, which I wouldn’t be surprised to see that happen. McGuire is the 52nd RB off the board in DLF ADP. You could likely give the McGuire owner a 3rd rounder or so and they might bite.

WR Davante Adams
Davante Adams has got to be my favorite guy to buy right now. The price isn’t exactly cheap, but I believe it’s lower than it should be. DLF ADP for the month of December had Adams as the 12th WR off the board, and he’s looking more like a top 5-7 WR to me at this point. He’s put up just under 1,000 yards and 10 and 12 TDs in his past two seasons, respectively. Not to mention, no Aaron Rodgers was obviously a slight knock on Adams for a good chunk of this year. Adams is 25 and Jordy Nelson has been a sell for me for over a year now, go buy Adams.

TE Gerald Everett
Gerald Everett didn’t do a whole lot in 2017, despite that Rams offense and talks about Sean McVay hand-picking his “Jordan Reed”. There wasn’t much expected from him in his rookie year, but then again there wasn’t a whole lot expected form that Rams offense this year, clearly that’s not the case with McVay. This offense is real, and I expect Everett to be one of the focal points in the future. He’s currently the 20th TE off the board according to DLF ADP, I’d definitely sell someone like Delanie Walker or Tyler Eifert for him. You might be able to get him for a pick too if you have some to spare.

Other Dynasty Buys:
Jameis Winston, D’Onta Foreman, and Cooper Kupp

Dynasty Sells
QB Tom Brady

The GOAT. Tom Brady is human, let’s face it. He’s 40 years old and no matter how badly he wants to play forever, it’s just a matter of time before the decline hits, or an injury ends it. DLF ADP has the following players off the board after the GOAT: Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Jared Goff, Matthew Stafford, and Derek Carr. He’s the 8th QB off the board, and I’d sell him for any of the previously mentioned names in a heartbeat.

RB Derrick Henry
I began this article knowing very well that Derrick Henry will be the most controversial pick on this list. The man is a beast, and we all have been dying for the time when DeMarco Murray is finished, and Henry gets the backfield to himself. Reports about the Titans being ready to make Henry their bell cow back and there’s no doubt he’s a stud and can more than handle the work. Having said that, the price is getting out of hand. Don’t get crazy and go selling him for just anything, and definitely don’t take this as me hating Derrick Henry. Feel free to send us any trade offers regarding this on Twitter.

The worst Derrick Henry trade to date: Derrick Henry and 2018 1.04 for Mike Evans
*Side note, if the person who made this deal is reading this, please let me know so we can give the credit you deserve
Another one that blew my mind was Amari Cooper for Derrick Henry. This shouldn’t be close.

If you own Derrick Henry and can go out there and get Mike Evans or Amari Cooper? Do yourself a favor and sell him.

WR Robby Anderson
Robby Anderson was a very nice surprise for fantasy owners this year, finishing as the 18th WR in PPR. He also proved that he is more than just a deep threat, but the big question is the Jets QB situation. His DLF ADP from December was 72. Some of the players that went off the board after him are Marvin Jones, OJ Howard, Duke Johnson, Dak Prescott, and Aaron Jones. Chances are there are owners out there that believe Anderson is legit and would pay up for him. I’d sell him for any of the WRs that went off the board after him, which includes Marvin Jones, Nelson Agholor, Zay Jones, Robert Woods, and Cameron Meredith.

TE Jimmy Graham
Jimmy Graham is 31 years old and is an UFA this off-season. The five-time Pro Bowler had some major hype heading into Seattle a few years ago, and it really just never panned out. His 520 yards in 2017 were his lowest since 2010. Russell Wilson and Graham had a nice red-zone connection going on, but his future is up in the air, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Seahawks bring him back. Either way, he’s on the decline, aging, and his future is in question. DLF ADP in December had him as the 8th TE off the board, with guys like Jack Doyle and Kyle Rudolph behind him. At this point, I’d take either of them over Graham. If there is still a Jimmy Graham believer out there, I’d sell him before his value falls even more.

Other Dynasty Sells:
Jay Ajayi, Doug Baldwin, and Devante Parker