For Wide Receivers, there are a few major telling points that point to positive fantasy production. Volume is a a word you’ll hear from us a lot, and has always been one of my favorite pieces to dig in to. Targets, Receptions, and Air Yards have become the main statistics that I’d throw under the ‘Volume’ umbrella. Yards after the catch is a stat that his been used for a long time in Fantasy, and Air Yards, being a relatively newer stat for WRs, is one that really stands out to me.

“Air Yards are the total number of yards thrown toward a receiver on a play in which he is targeted, both complete and incomplete. If you add them up over a game or a season, you get a receiver’s total Air Yards.”

A special thank you to Josh Hermsmeyer for allowing us to post his Air Yards data! Follow him on Twitter @friscojosh for more excellent insight and Fantasy Football stats!