By: John McGlynn (Twitter: @jfmcglynn)
Updated: 6/9/2017

Draft Anaylsis: The 1.04

A lot of firsts for me happened last week as I drafted my first ever mock dynasty fantasy football league team. After 23 years of redraft leagues, this approach was a bit of a change for me. This was also my first ever 8 hour between picks online draft, and my first ever draft on the myfantasyleague.com website. This was also my first ever draft as a member of an up and coming fantasy football website (FFD260) with a bunch of I guess you can call them coworkers, who, for the first time out of the 8,000,000 mock drafts that I was ever part of, actually drafted the entire draft instead of drafting the first 5 rounds and then switching to autopilot. It was an interesting experience, and although we picked the Memorial day weekend to do it, (which was the only sucky thing about it) it ended up being not as bad as I originally thought. I wanted to go young but established, with a win now and a win for a while mentality to really start off my dynasty fantasy football life with a bang. I’ll analyze my picks and give myself a grade at the end. It would mean a lot to me if you could grade and analyze my maiden voyage into dynasty fantasy football for me also. Thanks and here we go!!!


Pick 1.
Round 1 pick 4. Ezekiel Elliott. This was kind of a no Brainer

Pick 2.
Round 2 pick 9. Todd Gurley. I know wide receivers are the big craze with all of the analysts now days, but I couldn’t pass up on a backfield of Elliott and Gurley for the next 5-10 years.

Pick 3.
Round 3 pick Corey Davis TENN WR. This was a dream come true to have who I thought was the #1 rookie dynasty wide receiver fall to me in the 3rd round. I’m so happy right now.

Pick 4.
Round 4 pick 9 Donte Moncrief IND WR Yes the Wide receiver position is already thin at this point, but I was high on Moncrief anyway. I’ll take this as my WR2 any day.

Pick 5.
Round 5 pick Mike Williams LAC WR I’m not sold on Mike Williams, but I could not pass on him here.

Pick 6.
Round 6 pick 9 O. J. Howard. TB TE YES! MY number one rookie TE. This might be a steal as a safety blanket for Winston for years to come. There are still some good established TEs on the wire, but I like Howard’s upside a lot.

Pick 7.
Round 7 pick 4 Ameer Abdullah RB Det I really like what the future has in store for Abdullah. I think he is a breakout candidate.

Pick 8.
Round 8 pick 9 David Njoku TE Cle The consensus #1 rookie TE from many analyst’s, I’m sure I could have gone QB or grabbed another WR here, but I have a soft spot for TEs and now I’m in an almost can’t miss on one of my TEs, if not both of them being stars and great trade bait in a year or two. Or, they both could be busts, and then I’m screwed. But I’m ecstatic I landed them both anyway.

Pick 9.
Round 9 pick 4 Dak Prescott QB Dal I’m really not thrilled with this pick, but I’m building for the future and he seems to be one of the brightest stars. Mariotta and Winston were already gone.

Pick 10.
Round 10 pick 9 DeSean Jackson WR TB I wish I could have gotten Winston earlier in this draft, but Jackson is a perfect fit for the long ball in the TB offense. This could be a huge year for Jackson.

Pick 11.
Round 11 pick 4 Rashard Matthews WR Tenn I know I already have Corey Davis, but if his injuries pop up or his super stardom predictions don’t come to fruition, I’m pretty sure Matthews is going to pick up the slack in this high powered offense.

Pick 12.
Round 12 pick 9 Malcom Mitchell WR NE I hate the Patriots and I hate having them on my teams. With all of the talent on this team, you never know who is going to be the star of the week, but I feel that Mitchell will be able to carve out a pretty decent role in the pass happy Patriots offense if there are any injuries. Brady started to really warm to Mitchell late last season, throughout the playoffs, and even caught 6 passes for 70 yards in the Super Bowl. Crossing my fingers on this one.

Pick 13.
Round 13 pick 4 Cooper Kupp WR LAR Just because the Rams don’t have much, I am hoping that Kupp gets to really get in a zone with Goff right from the start. Maybe a reach here, but this is my first dynasty draft, and I’m going for broke.

Pick 14.
Round 14 Joe Flacco QB Bal I have no idea why everyone hates Joe Flacco. He usually has the most attempts in the NFL most years and he has a golden arm. I’m super happy taking Flacco here. If Prescott has any kind of a slump, I’m plugging in Flacco immediately.

Pick 15.

Round 15 pick 4 Jonathan Williams RB Buff I’m a big fan of grabbing handcuffs for bell cow backs. Especially injury prone players like McCoy. With Gillislee out of the picture, Williams will already have a decent role in the offense as it is, with the possibility of becoming a gold mine.

Pick 16.
Round 16 pick 9 Chiefs D/ST I got auto picked at this spot, but in reality, I probably would have picked the Chiefs here anyway. With their awesome defense and great special teams players, this could be the #1 defense in the League this year. I just hope they get going right out of the gate.
They usually start out pretty slow the first couple weeks for whatever reason and have costed me a few early year division wins in previous years.

Pick 17.
Round 17 pick 4 Dan Bailey PK Dal I always wait until the last round to pick a kicker. The Memorial day weekend threw a stick in the spokes of my draft strategy on this auto pick. But he is still a pretty decent kicker.

Pick 18. Round 18 pick 9 Jimmy Garoppolo QB NE Yes, I still hate the Patriots, but this is probably Tom Brady’s last year, if he even makes it through the year. This will, in reality, be my QB of the future.

Pick 19.

Round 19 pick 4 Mohammed Sanu WR Atl This is just a sleeper pick. Hopefully trying to catch lightning in a bottle if something happens to Julio. Otherwise, he has a little competition from the other WRs and Hooper. Crossing my fingers.

Pick 20.

Josh Gordon. I have had him on my teams since day one. The clock is ticking on his career and his body. But he still has WR1 potential if he ever decides to grow up. This was really just a joke pick because the guys in our group chat were betting someone would be stupid enough to take him. I’m the stupid guy.

Rating my team:

I will honestly give this team a B-. There is a lot of potential and a lot of wow factor on this Squad, but I’m pretty happy with the results anyway. Please critique and grade this team. I love feedback and criticism.

Thank you.
John McGlynn FFD260