By: Carlos Parrilla @themayor31
Updated: 2/6/2018

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Drafter Beware: The Boomerang

If you’re reading this you’re probably just as obsessed with Fantasy Football as me. Chances are you and your league mates are already discussing draft strategy, trade fodder and roster questions. All I’m here to do is provide some cautionary if not hypocritical advice. I always try to practice what I preach especially in a fantasy football drafting mindset. But sometimes that’s easier said than done and I can find myself thinking that I should have taken my own advice during the draft. But nonetheless I find myself rostering at least one guy that shouldn’t be on my squad and I refer to him as “The Boomerang.” Like most fantasy footballers, you have to do your research and there are hundreds of others just like you who will spill stats and streamline tips to aid you in the upcoming draft that help you steer from some and try and steal that late round gem. There’s just one catch…You’re human and we all have vices. Especially when it comes to that one player who went off last time you had him and if he gets the same opportunities as he did two years ago or his quarterback plays better or if that new “o” coordinator caters to him, will blow up again!

This is where the hypocritical part takes precedence so be mindful when reading. My mantra for since starting as a fantasy addict 14 years ago has always been “#trustyourgut.” That’s what I told myself every year between 2004 through 2007 when I couldn’t pass on Willis McGahee in any of my drafts. I figured that a season which he took off for over 1,100 yards and 13 touchdowns would easily be replicated so I took him the following year and the year after that. I would see him in those mid-rounds and finally hit that “draft” button after debating and watching the draft clock dwindle down. Game after game I watched as he would continuously get shut out on goal line carries and yes he did increase his yardage but “I NEED TOUCHDOWNS!” I finally cut ties with him and when we was shipped to Baltimore and swore that I’d never get that attached to another player again. Now rather than go on and on about my latest boomerang; Dez Bryant, I’ll just tell you to look up his disappointing stats that include 16 touchdowns once upon a time to three, eight, and eventually six.

Although getting hung up on one guy that can be a disappointment, sometimes it’s favorable especially if you can anticipate the debacle in one of your leagues. In a 10 team, 2 man keeper, snake draft we always want the position behind a guy who takes Big Ben every year in the first round because he just can’t say no. QBs tend to go in later rounds because everyone takes their skill guys early. In the past two years I’ve been lucky enough to draft behind this guy and he’s practically helped build my team allowing me to nab guys like DeAndre Hopkins and David Johnson. So although you want to trust your gut and go with that feeling of resurgence or back your favorite hometown team; drafter beware, the boomerang always comes back!

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