By: Rich Pallarino @rpallarino_
Updated: 11/23/2017

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Dynasty Fallers – Week 12

Eli Manning, QB, New York Giants – Eli Manning has never been a household name in the fantasy football world. But, when you have Odell Beckham Jr. as part of your receiving corps, you automatically have your name thrown into the hat as a potential starting fantasy quarterback. As this season progresses and the Giants regress, Eli Manning has been a large part of the problem. If there was any thought in your mind to grab Manning to ride out for a few more years, wipe it out of your head. He has become the most immobile quarterback in the league and is showing more and more signs that he can’t perform at a high level to win games, both fantasy and actual games. Ride the wide receivers for the Giants, but leave Eli off your roster.

Andy Dalton, QB, Cincinnati Bengals – Andy Dalton is very similar to Eli Manning in fantasy football. It’s obvious that he will never perform at Manning’s playoff level, but his opportunities to perform well have always been available. Dalton has disappointed for the majority of his career and seems that he will continue to do so. While the Bengals aren’t looking to get rid of him, his production level will most likely not improve for you to keep him on your fantasy roster. The Bengals should fire Marvin Lewis this offseason and to have Dalton and the rest of the Bengals to learn a new system only points to signs of Dalton staying mediocre.

Running Backs:
Rob Kelley, RB, Washington Redskins – Rob Kelley hasn’t been a workhorse since taking over the starting job in the backfield in the Redskins, but he gets a large amount of touches. Since Thompson has emerged and Perine has taken over the starting job, for now, Kelley’s time is limited with being a fantasy asset. Thompson is the clear cut receiving back, Perine is a rookie that comes cheap and has fresh legs. Make sure to leave Kelley off your roster from this point on. He may have some points when he comes back this season, but for dynasty purposes, Kelley is not a good option.

Paul Perkins, RB, New York Giants – Coming into this season, Paul Perkins was labeled as a running back that would have a good shot to reach 1,000 yards on the ground by the end of the regular season. This season has been nothing, but terrible for the Giants. Perkins lost his starting job after going out with an injury earlier in the year and has barely seen the field since. He is currently on special teams and not seeing time in the backfield. Perkins was on a roster in most leagues to start the season and should now be dropped. There’s no upside to his game and should remain a free-agent in your league.

Wide Receivers:
Terrelle Pryor, WR, Washington Redskins – Terrelle Pryor came into this season on a one-year deal after having a breakout year with the Cleveland Browns last season. Pryor is struggling, mightily. He has 20 receptions for 240 this year and has found the end-zone just once. He is having surgery to repair his ankle and will look to sign a new contract next season. The window on Pryor’s career having much of an impact in dynasty leagues is very narrow and doesn’t look to be widening in the future.

Eric Decker, WR, Tennessee Titans – Eric Decker is 30 years-old and has just a few games left this season to prove his worth to all 32 NFL teams for a new contract next season. It’s evident that Decker has had a very poor season with the Titans. He has 31 receptions for 303 yards and has scored just once. The Titans are a run-first team and they also have 3 receivers ahead of him (Davis, Matthews, and Walker).That leaves Decker and his fantasy owners at a severe disadvantage. No need to waste a roster spot in your dynasty league.

Eric Ebron, TE, Detroit Lions – Eric Ebron was a top prospect coming out of UNC in 2014. Ebron has just two touchdowns this season and caught a total of 24 passes. For a tight-end to be selected 10th overall, your numbers should be more impressive than what Ebron is posting year-in and year-out. If Stafford couldn’t get the best out of Ebron, it’s unlikely any other quarterback will. If he ends up staying a Lion, Ebron will only disappoint fantasy owners. It looks as if he will stay in Detroit for a little while longer. Don’t let him stay on your fantasy roster.

Coby Fleener, TE, New Orleans Saints – In his sixth season out of Stanford, Fleener has not filled the shoes of Jimmy Graham all that well during his tenure in New Orleans. His 2017-2018 stat-line reads as follows: 21 receptions, 28 targets, 287 yards, and two touchdowns. All of those numbers just scream disappointment. It’s honestly terrible. Fleener has been labeled a hopeful to crack into the conversation as one of the top tight-ends in the league since signing with New Orleans. He’s failed to live up to the hype and there aren’t many reasons to keep him on your roster.

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