Updated: 9/25/2017

Dynasty Buy Low & Sell High 5.0

With 3 weeks of Fantasy Football under our belts, it is likely you’re in a situation where you need to start making some tough decisions about your team. Starting off 0-3 isn’t something that is easy to recover from. If you’re in a 12 or 14 team league, you’re likely looking at needing to win 7 or 8 of the next 10 weeks just to make the playoffs. You don’t need to be waiting until week 10 to look at buying some veterans to help you make a playoff run. Now is the time that you should be looking ahead and having enough foresight to see which players have a good price tag to help you the rest of the way as well as your playoff run.

On the other hand, if you’re sitting at 0-3 and have been plagued with injuries, you can make some moves without completely throwing the towel in this year. Yes, it is possible to play for the future while still competing. If you’re in an all-out rebuild, feel free to sell your veterans that have started out hot to the 3-0 teams for youth or picks next year. 2018 is definitely a draft class that you’re going to wish you had more picks.

Selling High

Jason Witten:
The number one tight end in fantasy. You read that right, Jason Witten is currently the number one tight end in fantasy, and as of Monday afternoon, he’s still played one game less than the rest of the guys in the top 12 at the tight end position. There typically aren’t owners that are interested in a 35 year old tight end, but if one of the top teams in your league is buying in, I’m definitely doing what I can to sell Witten, even if I’m in win-now mode. You may be able to move Witten in your redraft leagues, but there is no real reason to hang onto Witten much longer in your Dynasty leagues.

JJ Nelson:
Similar to Jason Witten, JJ Nelson is one of the top players at his position, despite not playing their week 3 game yet. One of the best quotes I’ve seen on JJ Nelson was from FantasyPro’s Mike Tagliere “Did you know that J.J. Nelson has been the best fantasy football wide receiver since the start of Week 14 last year?” I don’t mind JJ Nelson as a WR3, but as the number 3 WR in fantasy? I’m selling JJ to an owner that believes he’s the WR to own in Arizona.

Ty Montgomery:
If you’ve followed FFD260 since we started giving advice last season, you’d know we’ve never been crazy about Ty Montgomery. I’ll be the first to admit that I was wrong if Ty keeps up this pace that he’s at. With the way the Packers have been running Ty into the ground, I expect one of two things to happen in the next few weeks. Either we will see Ty get less of a workload in order to save his health, or the Packers will run him until he can’t anymore. The production is there and there is no doubt he looks great, especially in PPR leagues. I just do not believe he will be able to sustain this workload, he’s going to end up on the injury report sooner rather than later with this type of volume.

Other Sell High Candidates:
Alex Smith, Jermaine Kearse, and Tarik Cohen

Buying Low

Lamar Miller:
Lamar Miller is one of the few running backs in the league with the backfield to himself for the most part. Miller has gotten at least 70% of his team’s snaps at the RB position, and it appears the Texans are still confident in feeding him the ball. Lamar Miller at this point isn’t an awesome long-term option, but for this year and the foreseeable future, it’s Lamar’s job to lose. That being said, if you’re a team that is off to a good start and needs a viable week in and week out option look at Miller. His price is likely lower than it will be at any other time this year, barring a breakout from D’Onta Foreman or an injury to Miller. He is currently the number 22 RB in PPR leagues.

Martavis Bryant:
Coming in as the 29th WR in PPR leagues, Martavis Bryant is one of the guys with huge upside that has a relatively cheap price tag at this point. With just 5 receptions on 10 targets after three weeks, it is very likely that the Bryant owners in your leagues are frustrated and could be willing to move him. If you’re hurting at WR, I believe Bryant’s price is as low as it is going to get all season. Bryant is someone that is offers WR1 upside and if he has one big week, the hype will get rolling once again. Whether you’re a big fan of Bryant or not, it’s definitely worth throwing some trade offers out there.

Andrew Luck:
Andrew Luck has always been at the top of my list as far as Dynasty quarterbacks go, just behind Aaron Rodgers, but this shoulder issue is making his price-tag quite appealing. There isn’t much need to go into the upside that Andrew Luck offers, if you’re playing Dynasty, you have seen the production that he puts up when healthy. TY Hilton, Donte Moncrief, and Jack Doyle offer some solid options for Luck and Colts looking ahead, and most likely next year we’ll see the Colts with a new young RB or Marlon Mack breaking out. That offense looks rough this year, but being a Dynasty league, this is definitely a great time to buy a guy with the number one overall QB upside for the foreseeable future of the Colts. I’d still take Luck over any QB not named Aaron Rodgers in Dynasty leagues.

Other Buy Low Candidates:
Allen Robinson, Ameer Abdullah, and Jarvis Landry