By: Gary VanDyke II @hbogart27
Updated: 12/19/2017

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FFD260 IDP: In/Out of the Huddle
The Final Recap

With most of the fantasy playoffs about to wrap up in week 16 this will be my final recap and standard article for the 2017 season. From this point on it’s obvious that those IDP owners that may be in their leagues championship game will need to put their best players available on their roster and that any “take” I have on In or Out of the Huddle has no bearing on a level that could matter across the board. Please feel free to contact me on Twitter @HBogart27 if you happen to need some advice concerning who to start or sit, or any other possible subject that I can assist you with. Thank you for reading my articles and please join me next season when I’ll continue the series. Overall I’m pleased with my “hit” percentage on my takes in this series and will strive to fine tune my methods. I do hope that these articles were beneficial to whoever may have used the information and helped improve your odds of succeeding in you leagues. I’ve enjoyed writing them and again thank you for reading what I had to say in them.

Now let’s move onto the Week 15 recaps and what might have gone right and what might have gone wrong. Including my prediction on the Steelers & Patriots game.

First we will get too the chart and then I’ll add some thoughts (*) and information on a few of the players.

You can find the article here.

Ever feel like you have “jinxed” a player? As you might have read in my article on a couple of these players I’d been sitting and waiting for the perfect time to to “take” on them. It didn’t go well.

*Matt Milano: I’m literally crushed on this “take”. I promoted him everywhere and anywhere anyone would listen. Including inserting him into my own flagship league, only to be disappointed. He was far from the reason I lost, but this one still held some personal disappointment as I believe he was a sure thing. While doing my weekly IDP notes I see what went wrong. I do not have the exact snap counts but apparently they decided to start Milano again as they said they would, but with a snap count reduction via the nickel package. I apologize again here, I broke my golden rule of needing to see something thru for 3 weeks before promoting that it’s time to insert a player. My heart over rode my head and it’ll never happen again.

*Denzel Perryman: He played 23 snaps, then he went down and maybe out for the rest of the season. One, I should have known better, he is injury prone. Two, it’s how it’s gone with me trying to follow that Chargers linebacker situation, think I have it figured out and of course something would go wrong. I can tell you this, I’m done with ever trusting Perryman, he is always hurt and he just can’t shake it. If I recently advice you to hold him for 2018, please ignore me.

*Feel pretty solid when we divide the total tackles between 3 LBs, even if D.J. did record 6 of the 11. Simple enough, there isn’t any other additional stats and whoever actually played D.J. for his 6 tackles won the lottery after being worthless over the last few games.

*Graham broke his trend I mentioned in the article.

*Robinson did not break that trend.

The Prediction in the article results, can see “guidelines” in DBs versus LBs/DLs in link to article above.
I took the 10 DBs over the 12 LBs/DLs in the matchup.

LBs/DLs Total Combined Tackles: Patriots 36 – Steelers 15 = 51

DBs total Combined Tackles: Patriots 25 – Steelers 29 = 54

Going to go with a Solid, after all the count was my 10 players to 12 players. But will admit is was closer than I expected. Below is what the voters went with and if I’d be right or not on twitter. Poll ended about the time the game started.

It was actually way closer in voting than I expected.

So as I close this recap of Week 15 In or Out of the Huddle I’d like to again thank everyone for reading and supporting my efforts to help with IDP in your fantasy football world.
-Gary VanDyke