By: Gary VanDyke II @HBogart27
Updated: 11/17/2017

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FFD260 IDP: In/Out of the Huddle
Week 11

On this short week for myself, I’m going with a short and “to the point” article for Week 11. If you like to recap my Week 10 “takes” please feel free to visit our IDP page and check me out. When I recapped myself this past Monday I came up with 7 hits, 2 misses, and 1 early out with injury.

DAL. Anthony Hitchens has a solid matchup this week against the Eagles who are in the top 5 of allowing points to linebackers. With Lee nursing a hamstring and rumored to be held out, Hitchens should have an every down opportunity. In week 10 the Cowboys moved Hitchens from his normal middle linebacker spot into Lee’s weakside position. He was on the field for 95% of the snaps over Jaylon Smith‘s 77%, they trust Hitchens. The Eagles just acquired a running back they surely would like to put on display against the Cowboys and there isn’t a reason I couldn’t see having Hitchens in the huddle.
Verdict: In

DET. Jarrad Davis hasn’t completely lived up to the standard that we would have thought he would, but Week 11 should be a great game for him versus the Bears and their top-ranked points allowed to linebackers. Davis has struggled some on the field and with injuries to this point. Just last week he was the only 100% snap linebacker and that won’t change this week. The 100% snap counts didn’t actually translate into high volume fantasy points against the Browns who also are in the top rankings allowing those points to linebackers. But this week he could possibly have his best game of the season to this point. They will be playing in Chicago and with the elements on the Bears side. They will surely run the football as often as they can to manage the game which will translate into many opportunities for Davis and result in why he should be in the huddle.
Verdict: In

LAC. Denzel Perryman has a really good matchup this week with the Bills coming into town and offering up top 5 points to linebackers. It’s really sad that because of the Chargers situation that he can’t be trusted just yet. In week 10 the Chargers elected to use a total of 5 linebackers on the field. Let’s sum up the starters and the snap counts of those players from the game.

Emanuel started with 40% (Where this came from, only Gus Bradley knows).
Toomer started with 40% also (This is even more confusing).
Brown didn’t start and with 63% (Huh?)
*** Perryman also didn’t start and had 55%. (Because?)
Phillips who had been playing most of his snaps before Perryman’s return at weakside linebacker received 50% but didn’t start.

Until there is some clear-cut routine with Perryman receiving the bulk of the snaps, he isn’t in the huddle. None of the names listed above should be in the huddle this week.

Verdict(s): Out

N.O. Alex Okafor has been a key part of the Saints defensive line this season, almost to a DL1 point. If it wasn’t for Jordan Cameron‘s pro-bowl season happening at this same time Okafor would be garnering more attention for his efforts. The Saints have Washington at home this weekend and with Cameron nursing, a bad back Okafor will be depended on even more this week whether or not Cameron plays or not. Washington is offering up top 10 points allowed to DLs and Okafor should feed while in pass rushing mode. The rookie Hendrickson should also be another solid option, especially if Cameron should sit out the game. But it’s Okafor that should for sure be in the huddle if you’re his owner.
Verdict: In

CIN. Geno Atkins was a recent sit for me in an article, but not this week. He is facing the Broncos who not only allow top 3 points to DEs but also near top 10 to DTs. Atkins will feast on the Colts poor offensive line in run stopping and we should also expect a sack at the least. He is one of the best DTs that can bull rush to get to the quarterback and with his surrounding cast of players he shouldn’t receive much resistance. If your league designates that you have to insert a DT into your lineup he is a player to have in your huddle. And if your only designated to having to insert DLs and don’t own a “Bosa” he should also be in the huddle.
Verdict: IN

CLE. Myles Garrett will be going up against the Jags much improved offensive line this week and after seeing Garrett only record 1 tackle total against the Lions last game when they offered up top 5 points to DEs, he shouldn’t be trusted in week 11. The Jags have managed to keep their points allowed to DLs in general in the lower 3rd and after Garrett’s poor performance against a potential top matchup, he should not be in the huddle this week.
Verdict: Out

T.B. Justin Evans has taken over the Free Safety spot for the Bucs and he has a really nice matchup this week against the top 3 team in points allowed to safeties this week with Miami. Over the last 2 weeks, the Dolphins have allowed Cutler to sling the ball a total of 79 times. Evans is a 100% every down player and with the rest of the secondary not completely playing up to par at times the rookie should have plenty of opportunities to clean up on the field. With Evans possibly facing his best game of the season against Cutler and those Miami wide receivers, he is in the huddle.
Verdict: In

ARI. Budda Baker had to be a top waiver wire pick up this week if he hadn’t already been a stash for fantasy owners. Tyvon Branch went down last week and headed to IR. Budda will assume a position in a defense that is setup to produce. The Cardinals don’t necessarily have a great matchup this week versus the Texans on paper for DBs, nor LBs. But I’m confident that Budda will be an every-down player in this matchup and because of the strong safety-linebacker role, he’ll be playing he is going to make it worth it to have him in the huddle.
Verdict: In

LAC Adrian Phillips shouldn’t be sniffing your huddle in Week 11. See Perryman in the LB section. At this point, he can’t be trusted.
Verdict: Out