By: Gary Vandyke II @HBogart27
Updated: 12/7/2017

Week 14 Home

IDP Home

Best wishes to you Mr. Ryan Shazier, as a Buckeye fan, I’ve watched you your entire career. And I think I’m safe to say that we all here in fantasy football land carry a heavy heart for you. It’s a stark reminder exactly what NFL players lay on the line every single time they take the field. And we all wish you the best possible outcome out of such a terrible situation.

Week 13 Recap:
Not going to “fluff” it, I’m disappointed here. The fickle mistress of fantasy football slapped me around in week 13. I either expected more or less out of the players overall. What looked like solid calls on paper just didn’t translate for the most part in what I think might be my worse week yet. I’m borderline ashamed of the “ok” verdicts. With bye weeks over and the seemingly shifting of how NFL teams are approaching the second half of the season I need to adjust or bust.

FFD260 IDP: In/Out of the Huddle
Week 14


In light of Ryan Shazier‘s situation, there is one thing for sure going forward. And that is that the Steelers defense is now Vince Williams to run on the field as he likes. He may not be as great as Shazier, but for at least the rest of this season, he’ll be solid. Just by default he will jump from a tier 2 linebacker to a tier 1. And that will start this week versus the Ravens at home.
Verdict: IN the Huddle

Cardinals Karlos Dansby has been the forgotten man in the middle of Arizona’s defense with all the focus being on his surrounding fellow players this season. He has barely been in the tier 2 conversation with how his season has played out this far. When he plays the Titans this week he’ll reach the top tier in production as a run defender. The Titans have no problems keeping their running backs clean from the defensive lineman in most matchups and with the Cardinals defensive line playing sub-par overall Dansby will be a busy man this weekend. Titans allow top 10 points to Linebackers for a reason, they like to run the ball when they can and roster a solid offensive line.
Verdict: IN the huddle

The Broncos Brandon Marshall has had a pretty solid season with some weeks he just doesn’t show up in the stat box. I look for this to be another one of those occasions with the Jets coming into town. Not only don’t the Jets allow much of points allowed to linebackers, but if we glance at the schedule for Marshall we will see that it’s normally home games that his stats falter. Let’s just say there is evidence that the Denver stat crew makes the players earn every IDP stat they get. Both of these together are relevant this week for Marshall.
Verdict: OUT of the Huddle

Note: After researching I could not locate a safety that I felt confident enough to hold OUT of the Huddle. I always focus in the top two tiers. I understand I could pick a cornerback, but as I’ve said, I’m not one to “take” on cornerbacks. And I just don’t see this changing. This category is now SS/FS for Strong & Free Safety.

Patriots Patrick Chung has a nice matchup this week with the Dolphins who play right into what Chung offers on the New England defense. Miami ranks in the up half of points allowed to cornerbacks, safeties, and even linebackers playing into Chung’s strengths. This isn’t a secret as in their first meeting just 2 weeks ago Chung had his best game of the season with 10 combined tackles. That’ll be a bit of a reach in this contest, but he should still have a productive day.
Verdict: IN the Huddle

The Titans finally got Johnathan Cyprien back on the field a few weeks ago. Since then he has pretty well settled into an every down player and almost has translated into the second linebacker next to Woodward in the middle of the defense. The Titans are facing off with the Cardinals who have allowed a couple nice weeks of allowing points to strong safeties and even have discovered what the Tight End position is on their offense. With them allowing nice points to safeties and the trend they have found with Gabbert at QB, I see indications that Cyprien is in for a busy contest this weekend.
Verdict: IN the Huddle


49ers DeForest Buckner & rookie Solomon Thomas have both cooled off the last couple of weeks versus the Seahawks and the Bears with little to no production. They’ll both get back on track this week against the Texans who allow solid points to DLs.
Verdict: IN the Huddle

Buccaneers Gerald McCoy has been leading the Tampa Bay defensive line this season in snaps and production on the field. After having a couple of contest he dropped off with Atlanta and Green Bay he also will bounce back with a very inviting matchup with the Lions at home. Indications are that Stafford should make it be able to make it a go on Sunday, and even if he doesn’t it shouldn’t matter. The Lions think they have found a running back in Tion Green and odds are they’ll try to use their run game. I see this all playing to McCoy‘s game.
Verdict: IN the Huddle

The Bears Akiem Hicks has been a stand out this season for Chicago, he also has cooled off the last couple of weeks in a couple matchups that he should have produced in at a higher level. I don’t see this changing this weekend versus the Bengals at home. The Bengals have managed to keep what they allow to DLs down in the lower third of rankings. With Hicks really being the only viable DL that the Bears have at the moment teams have been able to scheme on Hicks. I believe that the Bengals will be able to do the same.
Verdict: OUT of the Huddle.

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