By: Gary Vandyke II @HBogart27
Updated: 12/16/2017

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Week 15
After a tough week last week while trying to not pick on the obvious for being “In/Out of the Huddle” with players as I always do, I find myself sticking my neck out just a little more this week. But not as uptight about the outlook of these, and not sure if this is a good or a bad thing (lol). The “tea leafs” are reading solid as they ever have for the following to happen and I’m full tilt in getting these out here. And by the “tea leafs” of course I mean by all the information I have at hand.

At last the moment has come for me to recommend Buffalo LB Matt Milano, a player I’ve been banging on the table for fellow fantasy owners to keep an eye on, stash, or whatever it takes to keep him on the radar. Last week he was inserted into Buffalo’s line up over LB Humber and performed at a high level (81.2 PFF grade) in a snowstorm game versus the Colts. I’m not recommending him as a top-tier play, but if you’re making a tough decision at you 3rd or 4th LB in your lineup as I am in my 32 team league, then I wouldn’t hesitate (I’m not). He should range from the 75% to 80% in snap counts this contest versus Miami, which is good. And the Dolphins may only be just in the upper half of points allowed to linebackers, but they are allowing top-tier numbers to safeties, while also allowing top ten numbers to cornerbacks. In which adding up the tea leafs, and knowing they play Milano at the weakside linebacker last game, there will be plenty to go around in the midfield where Milano’s opportunities will be as solid as it gets.
Verdict: In the Huddle

The Chargers Denzel Perryman has finally settled in as the sole inside linebacker for fantasy purposes in what’s been a travesty in terms of what the Chargers have offered this season. Instead of there being two solid linebackers for us to depend on, we’ve seen them rotate from one end of the lineup to the other end of the line up at linebackers. Well finally Perryman’s the guy to depend on and this week will be a great opportunity for him to showcase his talents. Since coming back from his injury a few weeks ago he has had a wide range of performances. It hasn’t been depending on how good his matchups have been or how bad the matchups have been in terms of points allowed either, he has simply just ranged from a top tier to a low tier type play over the last five weeks. This Saturday he’ll be facing the divisional rivals the Chiefs and even if on paper they only allow mid-range points to linebackers, he falls under the team’s “Never sit a stud” theory. He has had the past few games to get his body back into game shape and it showed last week when facing a Redskins team who only offers up in bottom 3 in points allowed to linebackers. When a player can register nine combined tackles in a matchup like he did in that situation he is ready to roll out as “must play” no matter the matchup.
Verdict: In the Huddle

The Chiefs inside linebacker situation has been along the lines that the Chargers have offered for a large portion of the season, uncertainty rules. After an even more confusing move, last contest when the Chiefs played the Raiders they reversed the trend of playing Ragland at a decent amount of snaps and working in Pierre-Louis in as well over Johnson, this contest versus the Chargers is definitely not the time to trust a Chiefs linebacker in your lineup. The Chargers are near the very bottom of points allowed to linebackers and these two things combined with the idea that Phillips Rivers will likely pick on the Chief’s poor secondary doesn’t bold well for any Chief’s inside Linebacker making a real impact.
Verdict: Out of the Huddle

The Four Pack Package.
I’ve spent some time this week thinking this one out and researching as much on the situation to debunk it as I have to prove it’ll happen. And no matter what the angle I looked at it from, I just can’t find any reason not to make this call. With the stat of the Steelers and Patriots inside linebacker situations on top of the points allowed across the board in positions, I’m not only going to say that the team’s safeties on both squads should be great plays this week, but that they’ll combine for more points than the combine inside linebackers for both teams. And as I type this I feel so warm and fuzzy here that I’ll expand this call by saying that both teams secondarys as a whole will out produce all the linebacker and defensive lineman on both teams. Don’t take this wrong, I can’t honestly say that any certain player on the defensive line or among the linebackers are not worthy plays, it’s just an overall “take”.
Steelers SS Sean Davis: In the Huddle
Steelers FS Mike Mitchell: In the Huddle
Patriots SS Patrick Chung: In the Huddle
Patriots FS Devin McCourty: In the Huddle

Bonus Prediction: The starting secondaries from both teams versus their starting linebackers and defensive lineman, and I take the DBs.
Prediction guidelines:
I will be using the starters/top snap count breadwinners for each unit. That’s 5 in each secondary with 2 Safeties, 2 Corners and 1 slot/nickel DB. Leaving the other 6 of the 11 on defense to be determined between the defensive linemen and linebackers by top snap counts. When we don’t exactly know what schemes and packages they run the most, it’ll have to go by snap counts across the board. So it really boils down to the 10 top DBs and the 12 top LBs/DLs based on snap counts, 11 on each defense means 22 total.
Injury replacements included, they will be combined as 1 player.
Scoring: Tackles only. No passes defended, forced fumbles, fumble recoveries, touchdowns, interceptions. And sacks will be recorded as a tackle. This isn’t a fantasy points prediction, it’s a Tackle/assist production call.

Hit or Miss on this prediction I will honestly lay out all information next week.

Now back to In/Out with the DLs next.

The Saints Sheldon Rankins hasn’t performed as well for fantasy owners as he has for the Saints in real life. The second year, first round pick has been a key cog in the Saints defensive line with little to no real fan fair for IDP owners. This guy just might be sitting on a huge amount of waiver wires out in fantasy land as a result of that. Now I’m not suggesting anyone go and pick this guy up based of my “take” here, but if you are in need of a DT because yours is hurting or you’ve been streaming DTs, then I will suggest that I see him having one of his better contest this weekend. The Jets are coming to town and the last I heard they have no QB in play to speak of with McCown going down last week. I believe the Saints will just have a field day at the Jets expense as they lean on a run game and the Saints merely stack the box. The Jets were already allowing top 10 points allowed to defensive lineman, if this young man is going to have a good week, it’s going to be now.
Verdict: In the Huddle

The Eagles Brandon Graham may seem like a likely good call for me here to say have him in your lineup versus the Giants. Grahams had a good season overall and the Giants allow great points in ranking to the defensive linemen but hear me out. In the prior four contests that the Eagles have played divisional rivals, he is 2 of 4 in having solid production in the fantasy stat box. In playing the Redskins he went 1 of 2 in terms of having a good game. Against the Cowboys he had a serviceable performance. But against the Giants the first time he flopped. He is also coming off a game he had 1 tackle and would have flopped if not for a late fluke touchdown. Overall this season he has had only 3 top tier type games, the rest of the season he has been on average a low borderline tier 2. If not for the 8.5 sacks he’d probably be considered an overall disappointment on the season. At least from my point of view of what I expected.

I’ll just leave this here: 12 career game stats vs. Giants
2 Sacks / 23 tackles / 4 assists
Average per contest: .2 sacks / 2.3 tackles / 0.3 assists

I’ll risk making this call for this weekend.
Verdict: Out of the Huddle

The Lions A’Shawn Robinson has had his moments this season and as far as defensive tackles go he has been serviceable. And the Bears allow top 10 points allowed to his position. But not so fast, the Bears seem to have his number when it comes to divisional opponents. I’m going the same route as I did with Graham above.

I’ll just leave this here: 3 career game stats vs. Bears
0 sack / 4 tackles / 0 assists
Average per contest: 0 sacks / 1.3 tackles / 0 assists

Verdict: Out of the Huddle