By: Gary VanDyke II @HBogart27
Updated: 1/7/2018

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FFD260 IDP: Reviewing the 2nd & 3rd Year LBs (Part 3)

If you’ve missed part #1 and #2 of this series you may like to have a look and see exactly what my purpose was from the start of these “takes” starting this past August. These can be found on the FFD260 IDP homepage here.

This will be the final of the reviewing. After this we will cover who should be targeted as a top-tier linebacker heading into 2018 by using most of these players in trade offers to acquire them. Again keeping in mind that we can replace most of this talent throughout the offseason. Our focus, after all, is to have as many top tier players that consistently score every week.

BAL Kamalei Correa: Will be in his 3rd season in 2018

My first “take”: “A popular pick up this year because of how Zach Orr topped the charts with tackles and Correa seems to be his replacement. I’m avoiding him for now. I want to see it happen on the field first. He struggled his rookie season and I’m not even 100% sure he’ll be a week one starter. If you got him I’d advise a trade as soon as possible. He played out of control last season and as we all know Orr was able to beat him out for the starter’s job. The chances he has been able to do a complete 360 is kind of hard to imagine. If Orr was still able to be in Baltimore we wouldn’t be talking about him here. As an added note, his camp reports are positive. Best of luck.”

Now: Short and sweet on this guy, he holds no value and looks like a 2nd round bust for Baltimore. If he happens to receive a role going forward I don’t see it being more than a rotational OLB. If you happen to own him, he is eating up space on your roster as of now.

JAC Myles Jack: Will be in his 3rd season in 2018

My first “take”: One of those few linebackers from the 2016 class that came into the league gimpy from a college injury. Jack tore his anterior meniscus three games into his junior season. Used in sparring ways in his rookie year he is slated to take over the MLB spot this season. His potential is a top notch guy, his 2017 season is a hold or buys if you can. We just might be talking about trading some of the other players on this list for him this time next year.”

Now: After I read what I stated the first time I giggled to myself. I do believe that a couple on the list of linebackers being reviewed would be worth moving for Jack. But not as a very top-tier target. He settled in as an LB2 in his first full season. I giggle because of any thought that I had that he could surpass Telvin Smith. When in reality after it is all said and done the addition of Jack managed to only knock Smith down a notch this season. Smith was a top-tier producing linebacker in 2016 and Jack ate into those stats. Now I’m not saying that Smith won’t be in the top-tier heading into 2018, but he won’t be at the top of that tier. We are actually looking at a scenario that Jack and Smith both end up low LB1(s) in 2018. Both are still well worth owning and holding or even targeting. But if both are healthy they will cancel each other out a bit because both are just that good. As for Jack’s value and what to do with him, I’d hold unless for a marginal addition I can move up on a top of the linebacker one tier. I think he is worth the hold to see exactly what year three holds. With only the one full season under his belt, he may still take a step up. At worse, he’ll settle in as a top LB2 in our lineups. Well worth letting it play out to see where to go with him in 2019.

LAC Denzel Perryman: Will be in his 4th season in 2018

My first “take”: “With a scheme change for the Chargers Defense, you would have to think he is capable of becoming relevant and earning his status from his rookie hype as the future of the Chargers. I’m not buying it, he is on the trade block. He was outplayed his rookie season by Manti Te’o, that is not good. Last year he basically was by rookie Jatavis Brown and wire add-on Korey Toomer. Perryman flashes about as much as he doesn’t for me here. If I’m going to be wrong and he is going to step up, let it be on the other guy’s roster.”

Now: 100% sell! I didn’t buy it then and I’m buying it even less now. He has trouble staying healthy and with how things played out with the Chargers he can’t be trusted in 2018. Who knows what Gus Bradley does this offseason. Perryman is on every offer I send out for an upgrade if nothing else but to move on from the headaches. Hopefully, someone listened to me on the sell back when his hype was at its peak because I’d have to guess at this point he may be matching his lowest value point of his fantasy career. And no matter how we look at it we can’t gamble he’ll ever reach a top-tier linebacker.

LAC Jatavis Brown: Will be in his 3rd season in 2018

My first “take”: “Looks the part when he was on the field last year. On the smaller side so needs to learn to protect himself and play safer so he can go all season. His “upside” is 100% worth holding onto for this season to see where he lands after a complete year as a true starter. Simple enough, he can be that top notch guy.”

Now: Well if this wasn’t a disappointment for every IDP guy out there, I don’t know what was. From a starting darling to a bench spot depth player. With no real clue exactly how he fell so far and with the same situation as Perryman above, if this player is even still on your roster, 100% sell here. No matter what we might want to happen in 2018 if there is any way to recoup his value at any level we need to take it. Personally, if I owned him and traded at the bottom market price, only to see him become relevant in 2018, I’d be able to get over it pretty fast. His odds aren’t good and one has to think that Gus Bradley may go as far to overhaul the whole linebackers unit one way or the other. Unfortunately Brown crashed some fantasy rosters in 2017.

Review Recap
MIN LB Eric Kendricks: Hold as a low LB1 for depth or add marginal value for Top-Tier
PHI LB Jordan Hicks: Tradebait
NYG B.J. Goodson: Tradebait
GBP Jake Ryan: Tradebait
GBP Blake Martinez: Hold as LB1, With Packers firing their Defensive coordinator since last “take” we need to re-examine the idea he can stay top-tier.
NYJ LB Darren Lee: Tradebait
K.C. LB Reggie Ragland: Hold, unless offered an overpay.
CIN LB Nick Vigil: Hold with a wait and see tag, or Sell high
BAL Kamalei Correa: Trade bait, droppable
HAC Myles Jack: Hold, unless offered an overpay
LAC Denzel Perryman: Tradebait
LAC Jatavis Brown: Tradebait

Overall, I believe my first ”takes”, at least concerning who to sell then versus waiting, was for the most part right. Now to see what we can do for 2018 to get our lineups in line for a playoffs run (again).

Next up: Top 10 linebackers heading into 2018 we should target as the elite fantasy top-tier.

Thanks again for reading, I hope you found some helpful information to gain the edge in your IDP leagues heading into 2018. As always I can be found on twitter at @HBogart27 or emailed at gmtvandyke@gmail.com for a follow-up or any questions you may have.