By: Gary VanDyke II (Twitter: @HBogart27)
Updated: 9/1/2017

FFD260 IDPs: Primed 6.0

DL Recap Adds
Recapped “takes” from April and still viable pick ups if available.


H/W: 6’0” 305lbs
AGE: 24
Pro: 3 yrs
Drafted: 2015 / Atlanta / pick 5.1
College: Clemson

I will start out saying I “love” this guy as far as finding IDPs and his story. I had a lot of fun last year following him through his rise to becoming Atlanta’s anchor on the defensive line from out of nowhere. Selected in the 5th round of the 2015 NFL Draft, round Jarrett arrived with little fanfare out of Clemson. Initially looked at as a “depth” player going into last season, Jarrett ended the year on national television in the Super Bowl showing that he was a force to be dealt with.

As only a then 23-year-old, Jarrett showed what it takes to stop the run and add inner pass rush during the first half against the Patriots in the Super Bowl. If not for the adjustments that the Patriots made during halftime Jarrett was on his way to being in contention for the Super Bowl Defensive MVP. His game stats of 5 tackles and 3 sacks on Tom Brady show how he dominated the Patriots offensive line.

This guy has a motor that won’t stop, and he showed his sideline to sideline speed as he was everywhere and anywhere the ball was on the field. If you recap that first half of the game all you heard was “Jarrett with the sack!” and “There’s Grady again!”
Jarrett has true NFL bloodlines as his father was a great linebacker from 1987 to 2000. Ironically, his father is none other than the great Jessie Tuggle who played his entire career with the Atlanta Falcons. If this doesn’t make this a storybook scenario, I don’t know what would. Jarret’s desire to be the best he can come the honest way and I suspect we may see a career that follows in his father’s footsteps.
Pro Football Focus end of season grade: *Leading the Atlanta Defensive lineman.

Grady Jarrett – 78.3 overall (No. 28 at DT)

Run defense: 70.0
Pass rush: 74.5
Coverage: 61.8

2017 Outlook: He played 57% of all snap counts, leading all of the defensive linemen for the Falcons during the regular season, and I suspect that will only increase in 2017. Remember, he started out as a rotation player last season and ended as a starter. His 48 total combined stops with 4 tackles for loss and 3 sacks in the 2016 regular season in only his second year is a taste of what this young man is about to unleash going into 2017.

Atlanta also just added former Kansas City DT Dontari Poe to slide in next to him as the other defensive tackle and I only see this as a positive. Poe will demand as much attention as Jarrett, and the opposing offensive linemen are going to have their hands full on the inside. As far as DT’s go and buying cheap now, I can’t think of a better pick up at defensive tackle.

I’m giving this young man a ceiling of a poor man’s Geno Atkins. Playing in leagues that require a defensive tackle, it’s about getting production every week, big or small. I’m looking forward to Jarrett consistently providing production in 2017. As the top-tiered defensive tackles come off the draft board keep him in mind as a later round pick up or in a trade offer that you need to balance out value.

Atlanta also selected DE Takk Mckinley in the first round of the draft. Another bonus for Jarrett as offensive lines will need to account for him also.

2017 production level:
DL2 with “upside” as a defensive tackle.

Update:Raising his 2017 easily to a solid DL1 with the addition of Takk.


H/W: 6’7” 275lbs
Age: 23
Pro: 3 yrs
Drafted: Undrafted
College: Iowa State

Before we continue with the recap let’s lay it out why I still see David Irving as a viable stash. Yes I know he made a boneheaded mistake by being suspended for four games for violating the NFL’s PED policy. But he is still primed for a nice season when he is able to return in week five. It may take him a week or two to get rolling and I look at that as being worth the wait. As we all know injuries happen and depth is always needed as the season unfolds. We also know that it takes a lot to ever remain in Jerry Jones dog house so we shouldn’t be worried about Irving not given his chance when he returns. And it is plain to see by the current state of the Dallas defensive line that Dallas also can not afford not to work Irving back into the lineup. I’m not suggesting for anyone to make room for him on the roster at the moment. But if you have an open spot there isn’t any reason not to consider him for a stash. And as we roll around into week three or four and you possibly need the depth or a better DL/DT play a waiver claim a week or two ahead may pay off. I know personally if I have a way to add him I will be for the long haul.

“Soon the whole world will know who David Irving is.” – Jon Gruden

A 2015 undrafted player out of Iowa State by Kansas City he was signed off the practice squad by Dallas in September 2015 and inserted as a backup DT. He had limited snaps but ended the season with 14 QB pressures. In 2016, his body of work in the offseason started to earn him some glances from the coaching staff as he developed into a solid pass rusher. During most of the 2016 season, he has mainly used at the DT position again as depth. In Week 6 against the Packers, he ramped up to have his best game of his career with 4 tackles, 3 forced fumbles, 1 sack, and 1 pass defended. That is a great production for any DL in any one contest. And the most impressive thing was Irving did it in just 19 total snaps. From there he continued to be productive but still as a rotational player. His snaps did increase as the season wore on. He never repeated his Week 6 performance, but he did still maintain a presence with a few more outstanding games. One blemish on the season came in Week 9 against Cleveland when he was ejected for fighting. However, overall he did his job and did it well.

2017 Outlook: With Irving being a big part of the reason for Dallas to move on from Jake Crawford the currently cap-strapped Cowboys have a genuine diamond in the rough on their hands. Expectations are he will be used more as a DE than as a DT this coming season. He is a big body with a high motor. At 6’7” 275 lbs, he can penetrate from the inside and outside and shows well against the run. With another year to develop his skills and be in a position to have a boost in snaps he is a great player to buy low or grab off the wire. With Dallas not being able to add a big name DL in free agency due to holding onto Romo and his cap, Irving has a leg up on his fellow DL teammates and odds are any rookie they could pick at 28th or beyond. This young man will only get better for years to come and could be a solid dynasty pick up.

2017 production level:DL2 after he gets back into a groove with upside if moved to DE permanently.