Name: Gary VanDyke II

Twitter Handle: @HBogart27

Favorite NFL Team: All 32 Teams

Areas of Focus: To be as knowledgeable and informative on all that is IDP as possible.

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Dude, Where’s My LB1?!

FFD260 Hit Rate: Bogart’s IDPs

FFD260 IDPS: Primed In Pittsburgh

Bogart’s 2017 Overall IDP “Wishlist”

Targeting IDPs By Position

FFD260 IDPs: Primed

FFD260 IDPs: Primed 6.0

FFD260 IDPs: Primed 5.0

FFD260 IDPs: Primed 4.5; 2nd & 3rd Year LBs

FFD260 IDPs: Primed 4.0; 2nd & 3rd Year LBs

FFD260 IDPs: Primed 3.0

FFD260 IDPs: Primed 2.0

FFD260 IDPs: Primed

FFD260 IDPs: Primed; IDP Finder

FFD260 IDPs: Rookies

FFD260 IDPs: Rookies 4.0

FFD260 IDPs: Rookies 3.0

FFD260 IDPs: Rookies 2.0

FFD260 IDPs: Rookies

Born 11/11/1969
Married with Teenage Son, Daughter & Granddaughter
Darke County, Ohio
3 dogs
Ohio State Buckeyes & NFL Fan since 1982-83

Fantasy Football Writer Credentials:

Playing the game 15 yrs
Playing IDP/PPR/Cap-Contract 9yrs

Currently: Fantasy Football Writer for FFD260
Currently: News Desk Correspondent for FantasyPros
Formerly: Dynasty Football Factory
DFF article(s): DFF
First article: Published April 3, 2017


My passion is to locate those unknown or under the radar IDP players. IDP was the next logical step for me after years of the standard interest in fantasy football. I now feel I can provide a complete “take” on both sides of the ball. My “motto” is to always try to win now while I feel life is too short to build year in and year out. I no longer play multiple leagues and chase lineups. As a result it has allowed me focus more on the players and the current situations in the NFL to be used for fantasy football purposes.