Updated: 3/4/2017

When it comes to Wide Receivers, one of the main stats that I focus on is targets.  The players that are being force fed the ball, are the guys with high volume.  There are a few guys that may surprise you in this category: Julian Edelman, DeAndre Hopkins, and Allen Robinson.  But why exactly is it surprising that they’re on this list?  They all had below average fantasy seasons, and were very frustrating for owners trying to decide whether to start them or not week to week.

The fact that these guys still received the high volume is one of the reasons why I am not giving up on them for 2017.  Another category that these three were surprisingly high on, despite a poor fantasy season, is Red Zone targets.  In Weeks 1-16, Edelman was ranked 4th most in targets for Wide Receivers, Hopkins was 8th, and Robinson was 10th.  Edelman ended with 15 Red Zone targets, which was the same as Antonio BrownHopkins had 10 Red Zone targets, while Julio Jones had 7.  Finally, Robinson had 18 Red Zone targets, which was actually inside the top ten for wide receivers in 2016.  Similar to Mike Evans in 2015, where he had a down year fantasy wise, the volume was still there, which made him a perfect buy low candidate going into 2016.  The thing with Wide Receivers is that the Touchdowns tend to fluctuate.

The guys that I will always target in fantasy are the ones with the high volume in targets, involvement in the Offense, and Red Zone usage. One good example is Calvin Johnson, he had several years with 4 or 5 TDs, and also had several years with between 12 and 16 TDs.  Andre Johnson is another one that had 7 years with under 4 TDs, along with several 8 or 9 TD years. The bottom line is, the guys that are being force fed the ball and continue to have a significant role in the offense, will produce.

Other WRs with high volume that you shouldn’t give up on:  Demaryius Thomas, Jarvis Landry, and Golden Tate.