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Updated: 11/21/2017

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FFD260 IDP: In/Out of the Huddle
Week 12

Week 11 Recap:
DAL. LB Hitchens; verdict was IN. Result was “OK”. 5 total tackles, exited with an injury early in 2nd half. Was on track for predicted stats.
DET. LB Davis: verdict was IN. Result was “Poor”. 4 total tackles. Whitehead shoulda been the play with 9 total tackles.
LAC. LB Perryman: verdict was OUT. Result was “OK”. 5 total tackles. I can live with this, no matter how it came to be.
N.O. DE Okafor: verdict was IN. Result was “Solid”. 5 total tackles. He left in the 4th with injury and I consider 5 tackles for DLs solid.
CIN. DT Atkins: verdict was IN. Result was “Poor”. 1 total tackle. Complete miss, Dunlap should have been the play with 4 total and 2 sacks.
CLE. DE Garrett: verdict was OUT. Result was “Solid”. 3 total tackles. It’s a fine line with DLs and 3 tackles is a far cry from what is expected of Garrett
T.B. FS Evans: verdict was IN. Result was “OK”. 4 total tackles & 1 INT. Cutler exiting the game as a gunslinger passer hurt. The INT was the boost.
ARI. DB/LB Baker: verdict was IN. Result was “Solid”. 12 total tackles, 1 sack, and 2 forced fumbles with 1 recovery.
LAC DB/LB Phillips: verdict was OUT. Result was “Poor”. 6 total tackles. Another one I can live with, take was worth the risk versus an “IN”.

Final Tally: 3 Solid – 3 OK – 3 Poor

Not my best week to date, but with the 2 Chargers players added and how it unfolded it is one I think I can still hold my head up. Perryman and Phillips were both mainly avoid “Outs” because of the situation with how the snaps have been handled among players. Be sure to check out my IDP Notes for the saga that was the Chargers this week.

Overall to date I believe I’m hovering at the 75% – 80% on Solid to OK. I have some work to do, I’d like to end the year on a 90%.

In/Out of the Huddle
Week 12

Thanksgiving Day
(I’m likely sticking my neck out here as I choose one player from each contest on Thursday)

MIN. LB Eric Kendricks will be facing the Lions on Thursday and after watching his up and down season so far based on matchups I don’t believe he will bounce back coming off a poor outing against the Rams in Week 11. The Lions aren’t a running team by heart, to begin with and playing at home in the dome will allow Stafford to pass his way thru the contest. They are only allowing in the bottom ⅓ in points to linebackers while allowing in the top ⅓ to DLs and DBs. This doesn’t bold well for Kendricks and should keep him out of the huddle this game.
Verdict: OUT

DAL. LB Jaylon Smith will be my default player in this contest to talk about. After consistently speaking about the Chargers players and avoiding some obvious plays to be safe on this take I’ll highlight Smith. Lee isn’t expected back, and now Hitchens has gone down with a groin injury and is unlikely to play in such a short week. Smith doesn’t have the best matchup here as what the Chargers offer up on weekly average to allowing points to linebackers. But based off the fact they have to depend on Smith now and what I seen of his solid play after Hitchens went out against Buffalo, I believe that Smith should be in the huddle for this next contest. Durant might be the next man up in this situation, but I believe it’ll be Smith’s athleticism that will make him the bigger factor.
Verdict: IN

WAS. FS D.J. Swearinger will be my default player in this contest on Thursday vs. the Giants. He is an every-down player that’s been the leader of the secondary since signing with Washington. The Giants offer very little in the run game and offering up middling numbers for safeties. But in this case, the Giants do offer top 10 rankings allowed to cornerbacks, a result of relying on Eli to pass their way out of the hole. Swearinger is coming off a strong game versus the Saints and by the numbers that matchup wasn’t as strong as this one coming up. I believe with what the other positions offer up in allowing points narrows the strong possibility of a shootout thru the air which should keep Swearinger a busy man and a player that should be in the huddle.
Verdict: IN

Sunday Games

S.F. LB Reuben Foster has finally got himself in position to live up to his rookie status as a top-tier linebacker. The 9ers are coming off a bye with Foster coming off 2 very solid games the weeks before the bye. He faces Seattle who allows top 10 points allowed to linebackers and they will surely want to test Foster. At this point, Foster should be in the huddle now and be going forward while keeping your fingers crossed he can stay healthy.
Verdict: IN

K.C. LB Derrick Johnson hasn’t been the linebacker of old and the situation for his playing time has changed. The Chiefs have a great matchup vs. Buffalo, but DJ is no longer that option to trust or have in the huddle. If you would like to hear more about this situation please check out our IDP Notes.
Verdict: OUT

N.Y.J. SS Jamal Adams and FS Marcus Maye are both set up with a great matchup vs. the Panthers. They allow top ⅓ points to safeties as well as cornerbacks which should translate into better than solid games for both players. Facing that situation both should be in the huddle.
Verdict: IN

K.C. FS Ron Parker has a poor matchup this week vs. the Bills who allow low points to free safeties as well cornerbacks. Shocking I know when you look at the 5 INTs this past week, but that was a result of an experiment gone wrong as Buffalo shot themselves in the foot by starting Peterson at QB and went down early. It would be highly unlikely this could be the situation when they play in K.C. With K.C. still revamping the run stopping portion of their defense and the situation that Buffalo is coming out of they surely will want to attempt safe ball control by running the ball. Parker won’t see much shouldn’t be considered in the huddle.
Verdict: OUT

N.Y.J DE Leonard Williams isn’t a normal DE that I would suggest to play, but with how this is unfolding as I scan who I have to select from without stating the obvious this is who I’m going with. Williams is having a decent season on the field but to a level that he can’t be hit or miss. I like his matchup vs. the Panthers who are offering top ⅓ points allowed to both DEs and DTs. With this being the case and Williams being a 3-4 DE hee should be smack dab in the middle of the action this contest. If you own him it’s as safe as play as it ever will be this season to have him in your huddle.
Verdict: IN

LAR. DE Aaron Donald has a poor matchup vs. the Saints this week. Just the opposite of Williams scenario above he is facing a team allowing the bottom ⅓ to DEs and DTs where Donald plays a 3-4 DE and lands in. As I always say I don’t like ever to say you should sit a stud. But we have seen this year that Donald can be held in check and this is one of those cases if you have another play he shouldn’t be in the huddle.
Verdict: OUT