By: Gary VanDyke II @HBogart27
Updated: 11/30/2017

Week 13 Home

Quick recap from Week 12.

For some of you that may have been kind enough to read my weekly article here, you’re going to notice a change in how I lay them out going forward. I need to find a “shorthand” version to get this article completed each week. The research alone is very time consuming and when I add in my slow typing skills on top of the recaps it really can add up. As some of you may know I also cover the NFC South IDP players for the Fantasy Pros newsdesk every week which is also time-consuming. If you have checked out our content on the IDP page here at FFD260 you’ll also notice all that content and tools I keep up to date for our IDP needs. It’s pretty simple I need to cut corners here. My hope is that by now my credentials in the IDP field have warranted that I can get away with doing so and still be a trusted source for your IDP needs.

Talley: 5 Solid, 2 OK, 2 Poor. Originally stated in post over weekend I was 5-5. After people chiming in I upped the tally with OKs. Feel free to let me know what you think. Now let’s get to week 13.

FFD260 IDP: In/Out of the Huddle
Week 13


The Detroit Lions have decided to run with LB Whitehead every down rather than the rookie Davis. The Ravens are offering up the top points allowed to LBs and Whitehead has a top opportunity this weekend to top the charts among the NFL linebackers. If Baltimore wants to control their contest and keep Detroit’s passing game in check, they’ll depend on the run game to control the clock. And even if the game is out of hand, there is still good odds that Whitehead is chasing down whatever attempt the Ravens make with their passing game.
Verdict: IN the Huddle

The Colts main every down linebacker has been Jon Bostic from day one, and in this matchup, with the Jags, he is facing a top 3 team allowing points for linebackers. If there is a week that you’d think he’d be productive it is now. The Colts are all over the map with what they offer on offense from week to week to counter the Jags this week. And the Jags have their own issues. Let’s just say the Jags running game should dominate this contest leaving Bostic in a great position. If there is a time it is now for Bostic to hit top 10 in production on the field for us.
Verdict: IN the Huddle

I don’t like Navorro Bowman’s matchup at all this week. Not only does the Giants only offer up the lower ⅓ to linebackers but Bowman is showing exactly why the 9ers moved on from him. Simple, as much as I loved him as we all have, he has lost that step. The Giants don’t offer much of a run game as we all know and now Geno Smith has been named the starting QB. If anyone on the Raiders D benefits from this it’ll be the secondary and the defensive lineman.
Verdict: OUT of the Huddle


Micah Hyde hasn’t lived up to the position for Buffalo or fantasy owners as we thought he might in production. But hear me out, they play against the Patriots this week who love to use the middle of the field. Not only are the Patriots a top team allowing points to safeties, but since LB Humber struggled in his return as they switched him to the MLB position, he also has taken a hit in his snap counts. They’ve started inserting rookie Matt Milano in on 3rd downs, or should I say passing downs. This trend should continue. But as for Hyde, this sets him up in the middle of the field to possibly have his best productive game thus far this year.
Verdict: IN the Huddle

The Chargers Adrian Phillips has been a tease off and on this season with up and down snap counts each game. I’ve mentioned his situation a lot this season. After looking at his snap count the last couple of times versus his opponent I’m going out on a limb here and saying he gets a start this week on fantasy football land. The Browns offer up just mid-range points to safeties, but he is playing a lot of the WLB position which they offer up top 5 points to. Not to mention the top rated team to giving points to cornerbacks. What’s this got to do with it? Phillips is so far been the preferred play at WLB for coverage reasons, and with the cornerback rating, I think it shows the Browns offer points to players in coverage. This should be a perfect combo for Phillips.
Verdict: IN the Huddle.

Karl Joseph of Oakland hasn’t offered up much after a strong start at the beginning of the season. This week he faces the Giants who don’t allow much to safeties and linebackers. I don’t see this being a bounce-back situation for Joseph even if they have a new defensive coordinator in Oakland. Playing the middle of the field please see Bowman “take” above.
Verdict: OUT of the Huddle


The Titans and their top defensive lineman Casey Jurrell face off with the Texans this week in a divisional matchup. The Texans offer up top 5 in points allowed to DEs and DTs, need I say more?
Verdict: IN the Huddle

I’ve talked about Miami’s rookie DT Davon Godchaux lately as the next up and coming going forward the last few weeks. After watching him come off 5 solid performances, their DE Hayes heading to IR, and on top of them facing the Broncos at home this week, he is a strong bet to produce this weekend. He may or may not actually start but that isn’t a problem. He should see an increase in snaps against a team allowing an average of top 10 to DLs in points. Playing beside Suh who demands attention from opposing teams will again benefit Godchaux this week. This kid has a motor and will be in the thick of things.
Verdict: IN the Huddle.

There shouldn’t be any “known” Giants defensive lineman making an impact this week. The Raiders don’t offer anything to the DLs, averaging the least amount of points to DLs across the board. I know that Crabtree is out and Cooper is questionable, but I don’t see this changing the fact that the OLs of the Raiders are keeping their QB and RBs clean.
Verdict: OUT of the Huddle

Bonus “Take”

Sit Buffalo’s LB Humber until further notice. He hasn’t been the same and they are working in the rookie Matt Milan. See the Hyde “take” above. Humber may have come on strong this season as a surprise, but the fact of the matter is he has never been all that in his 9-year career anywhere he has played. I believe he as a default winner of a position when he played WLB for Buffalo to start the season. The Patriots do offer up top ⅓ points to linebackers, but he isn’t worth the risk this week with Milano coming into play some and Hyde the better athlete on the field in midfield. I suspect that Preston Brown, Micah Hyde, and Jordan Poyer are the 3 top productive players this week versus the Patriots.

Humber OUT of the Huddle
Brown IN the Huddle
Hyde IN as I stated above
Poyer IN the Huddle

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