By: Jared Forest (Twitter: @ThatGuyFromJerz)
Updated: 9/8/2017

Instant Reactions: Chiefs Vs. Patriots

The season started with a couple of huge messages to fantasy owners everywhere. Mike Gillislee is most definitely the back to own in New England and Kareem Hunt is the real deal. If you read one of our other writer, Kyle Richardson’s recent article on rookies in 2017, you would’ve seen that Kareem Hunt was his number one rookie for this year, following the Spencer Ware news.

The Chiefs on the other hand looked like an offense that we haven’t seen in Kansas City in…ever? Even with top tier TE Travis Kelce having an off night, the trio of Alex Smith, Tyreek Hill and Kareem Hunt put on an absolute show. We may have underrated Hunt even before the Ware injury as he showed elite ability between the tackles, on the outside as well as catching the ball. Hunt made fans quickly forget the first play of his career as he fumbled on the near sideline by averaging over five yards a carry and adding five receptions to his stat line. He showed elite balance, great cutting ability, and a tenacity that is incredible for a rookie. ‘Charizard’ Charcandrick West only came in on the occasional 3rd down as well as the hurry up offense (and one touchdown run when Hunt was tired) but it is clear that Hunt is going to be the workhorse of this rushing attack.

Andy Reid is determined to get Tyreek Hill the ball one way or another. Hill was in the slot, outside and lined up as a deep back throughout the night in an effort to feed the speedster. Alex Smith himself made it very clear that this is still his team and gave Patty Mahomes a lesson in how to rip up one of the best secondaries in the AFC. Alex put up nearly 400 yards plus four touchdowns as he connected on long balls to both Hunt out of the backfield and Tyreek on an out & up that may have been more blown coverage than anything. Is it time to jump on the Chiefs bandwagon? If Kareem Hunt is driving, I’m all in.

Tom Brady looked anything but terrific, but the offense was able to do enough to get into the red zone and let Blount 2.0 do some work. Gillislee finished with a stat line of less than 50 yards but with three touchdowns. We can expect to see this for the rest of the season and if you want to start someone like that on your team? Go for it, I’m selling. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not buying Burkhead, White or Lewis either. This is a backfield that is going to be a mess outside of the red zone and one that is going to be frustrating to watch. It is not necessarily Brady that has to do better, rather his offensive line. We saw in the first half when Brady had time that he can eat up any secondary put in front of him. Cooks and Hogan looked quick on routes down the field but Brady rarely had time to get them the ball. Gronk looked extremely lethargic but I think this loss will get him going back to that elite level. The outcome of this game was unexpected and I think the Patriots came out here expecting to win, rather than playing to win.

Closing Notes

-Sell Gillislee for the house!

-The Chiefs offense may be worth having some extra stock in. Some interesting stacks there.

-Mahomes won’t see the field while there is a healthy Alex Smith around.

-Tyreek is going to finish as top 20 WR, and that’s being conservative.

-Kareem Hunt is super elusive and very dangerous. op 10 RB potential is not out of the question.

-Brady is going to be just fine, so is Gronk, so is Cooks.

-Buy Chris Hogan…He played the majority of snaps and Malcolm Mitchell is going to be placed on the IR.

-Oh, and Danny Amendola is always hurt.