Name: Jared Forest

Twitter Handle: @ThatGuyFromJerz

Favorite NFL Team: New York Jets

Areas of Focus: Overall Dynasty, IDP and Devy-light. Also commission 3 leagues
with varied rosters sizes and scoring so any help I can provide in that area as well.


Player Analysis: Allen Robinson

Player Analysis: Cam Newton

Rookies Vs. Vets: Mike Williams Vs. Davante Adams

Hello friends. I’m a 31 year old residing from the wonderful Jersey Shore. Im
currently a graduate student at Temple University with a B.S. in Sport
Management and pursuing my M.S. in Sport Business with a concentration in
analytics. I’m also a six year military veteran from the U.S. Air Force serving most
of my enlistment in Southern Cali as well as two tours to the middle east.

I write for FFD260 as well as FakePigSkin where you can find my rankings as
well as doing analytical work for

I commission 3 leagues including my home league (C4 n Friends) which
features 11 trophies and a suicide watch list for anyone that doesn’t win anything.

Yes, I am coming off of a undefeated 15-0 season, thank you for asking. I’m
currently participating in 7 more leagues as well as 3 redraft to include the #SFB7.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me on twitter!