Name: Jonathan Margulis

Twitter Handle: @jon_margulis

Favorite NFL Team: New England Patriots

Area of Focus: Overall Dynasty, Redraft, player stats and analytics. I commission a Dynasty league and have written multiple sets of league By-Laws.

Jon & Sam’s Fantasy Podcast


Week 1: Injury Update

2017 Dynasty Startup Draft

Takeaways From 2016 Wide Receivers

Is RBBC Changing Fantasy Football?

RBs: The AFC West

RBs: The NFC West

Bio: While I currently work as an architect, I am first and foremost a fan of football. To put it nicely my parents do not understand sports. They come from a culture where academics are king. As a child of Soviet refugees, I never grew attached to sports through family. I did however come into sports through friendship and camaraderie. It was through my friends, that my passion for sports developed. First I was introduced to baseball. It was the statistics, and endless data points that drove my passion. In middle school, a friend invited me over to watch the Super Bowl, Carolina versus our very own New England. Ever since that moment, football has consumed me. Statistics, rookies, players, coaches, and fantasy. Lots and lots of time have been spent on stats and figures all to help me play better and be better at fantasy.

I write for FFDynasty260 and I am a content provider for Roto Street Journal. I am the Co-Host of Jon & Sam’s Fantasy Podcast.

I have over strained myself this season with participating in 11 leagues, but I would have it no other way.