By: Kyle Richardson (Twitter: @KRich1532)
Updated: 6/7/2017

Mailbag: June 2017

I’ve been playing fantasy sports since I was in sixth grade. One day I snuck onto the computer in home room, created a Yahoo email address and signed up for my first fantasy baseball league. At that time all I could do was auto draft my teams, work the waiver wire and send trades. By the time I reached high school, I was getting my buddies to join me in leagues and I have been the commissioner of at least 2 leagues a year ever since. The best part of fantasy sports has always been the connections. You would be surprised how many hours you can spend talking to a complete stranger about fantasy sports. I got to know one of my good friends just because we talked fantasy sports so much. That is why I love doing these mailbag articles. It gives me a chance to really dive into your questions, instead of the short 140 characters that Twitter allows.

As you continue to follow me though, you will find that I am always available to answer your questions (for the most part) and typically respond pretty quickly. Instead of sending Tweets to ESPN or other big time networks, hoping their analysts respond, always hit us up at FFDynasty260. Maybe in 20 years, we will look back on that first conversation and realize how crazy it was we built a connection just off a fantasy football question.

In PPR Dynasty, Davante Adams vs Joe Mixon?

This answer is pretty obvious for me in dynasty, but I can see how it would be one to mull over for a while. Mixon is my choice here, although it may take a year plus to really show the investment. If you have a team with a short window and need to win now, Adams may be a better route for you. If you’re okay waiting on the long term investment, Mixon will be dynamic workhorse back in a couple years. Adams still just seems to be a little too inconsistent for me and has Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb to fight with for targets. Mixon will have to beat out Gio Bernard and Jeremy Hill for playing time, but that could happen as soon as this year. Either way though, both could be solid options in 2017. Rookie fever is real people.

What would be a good return for Sammy Watkins for a team that is middle of the road? Is his perceived value too low right now? Would it be better to wait for him to have a few explosive games or even keep him altogether?

There seems to be two kinds of people in this world. People that like Sammy Watkins and people that don’t like Sammy Watkins. I am not a believer in Sammy Watkins and would be looking to sell him right away. The good news, I am 100% sure there are at least a couple of people in your league that believe Sammy Watkins is a WR 1 with top 10 WR potential, and they will give you a decent haul. I don’t think his value is down at all. I have seen more than enough on Twitter and my own leagues to know he could bring multiple first round picks or solid players in return.

The key is to find the right guy and to let that guy know you are floating Watkins out there, but you still have confidence in him. Each year he seems to have more nagging injuries and after only playing in 8 games last year, his value could be perceived as low. But people will point to 2029 yards receiving during his first two years in the league and see that talent is there. I think Buffalo will continue to pound the football in 2017 with LeSean McCoy and won’t become the passing team needed to give Watkins that kind of turn around. If you can get a good haul, I would suggest doing it. If you can’t, keep him and keep your fingers crossed that he performs and stays healthy till you can get a big haul.

In PPR, E Sanders is drafted close to WR3. What caused his drop?


It all goes back to what happens under center for this team. Right now, most people don’t know if Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch will be the QB come week one for Denver. Either way, I don’t think most people are confident either QB can get the ball to both Sanders and Demaryius Thomas enough for Sanders to have a ton of value. Now, I believe this to be a perception and I’m not saying these are my thoughts. I still like Sanders and believe he offers enough value be taken much earlier then what he currently is. As of right now, our ADP data at FFDynasty260 shows he is the 32nd WR off the board and 64th overall player drafted. Guys currently going in front of him include Tyreek Hill, Jordan Matthews, Kelvin Benjamin and Donte Moncrief. After averaging 85 receptions and 1190 yards in three years in Denver, give me Sanders over all those guys.

Who U got? Dez or Brandon Marshall (NYG)…I’m torn. 1/2 PPR.

We did follow up to find out if this was a dynasty league, and Jordan confirmed it is. Either way, I am going with Dez. The main reason is Dez being above and beyond, the best receiver in Dallas and Marshall still needing to develop his role. I think this is Marshall’s last stand and will have a good year. OBJ, Shepard and Engram will take enough pressure off Marshall to get his share. TD’s alone make him an interesting flex play every week. Dez is all out WR 1 status though and one of my top WRs in both dynasty and redraft. You’re taking Dez here.

Considering taking Fournette as my #1 in my dynasty draft…What do you think? Also, trades T. Pryor for T. Gurley…Good trade?

You can’t go wrong with Fournette at 1.01. You also can’t go wrong with Corey Davis, Christian McCaffery or Joe Mixon. I personally have Corey Davis as my 1.01 and Fournette at 1.04 based on where they landed in the draft. It appears Jacksonville has committed to giving Fournette a line to run behind so they can take the pressure off Blake Bortles. Either route you choose, I see all of them being legit fantasy contributors for years to come. As for your trade? It depends on a couple things. Did you need RBs? Did you have the depth the depth at WR to lose Pryor? If you can answer yes to both of those questions, you’re good. I have Gurley over Pryor. I still think Gurley is a top 10 back, or at least has the talent to be. Pryor is in a good situation in Washington as well. Pryor may end up getting you more points this year, but in dynasty leagues, Gurley holds the overall value for me.

In a couple of drafts, I have passed on David Johnson. What’s your opinion? I can see drafting him in a Dynasty league.

1239, 879 and 20. Nate, you never pass up 1239 rushing yards, 879 receiving yards and 20 total touchdowns. David Johnson is the #1 ranked fantasy player in almost any rankings or drafts you see, regardless of the situation. Can you make a case against drafting someone else? Absolutely. But since this is my column and you asked me the question, I’m not giving you those reasons. I don’t pass on 1239, 879 and 20. If you grabbed any one of OBJ, Evans, Bell, Brown or Zeke…I could possibly let you off the hook.