By: Kyle Richardson (Twitter: @krich1532)
Updated: 5/29/2017

Mailbag: May 2017

My wife has asked me this question a few times, “Why do you play in so many fantasy football leagues?” It’s a good question, why do I? Well, some people have addictions. While some addictions can be bad, some can be good. I’m addicted to fantasy football. I love looking at a roster and seeing what moves I can make. I love when I get that email telling me I’m on the clock for my current pick. Sometimes I love trading just to trade, because I love fantasy football! Even better than fantasy football, is being able to write about fantasy football. I took a trip down this path a couple years ago with my own startup. It was short-lived, unfortunately, as I was unable to juggle everything in my life with the site and I had to shut it down. But thanks to FFDynasty260, I’m getting another shot at it, and that’s why I was thrilled to join the team here. Everyone thinks they are a fantasy expert. If you look on Twitter, there are thousands of people doing exactly what we do. Why are we different though? Why should you follow our team on Twitter and read our articles? Because of our passion and love for this addictive, crazy game that gives you the chance to manage and be the GM of your very own team. At FFDynasty260, you are not just following some guys who like to give their opinion. You are following a group of guys that have a passion and an addiction to giving you the best advice possible. So back to my wife’s question, “why do you play in so many fantasy football leagues?” Because, for the love of…Fantasy football!

“Whats the deal on Randall Cobb? Will he finish behind Nelson and Adams again?”


Well Andrew, I would like to first thank you for asking a question on one of my favorite and most frustrating players. I grabbed Cobb in a great trade before the 2014 season. Of course that season he had 91 catches for 1,287 yards and 12 TDs. That move may have helped me win a championship that year. Of course, 2015 was a letdown and 2016 was even worse. At this point though, I am not giving up in Cobb. Many people think Cobb is playing for his Packers life this year and I love having guys in that position. Nelson will have more fantasy points this year, but in a PPR format, I’m thinking Cobb is back to a borderline WR1. Call me crazy, but I will be starting him every week in the leagues I own him and I will have confidence in him. I also think he finishes ahead of Adams this year. He missed the final few games last year, but showed up in the playoffs in a big way with 18 catches for 260 yards and 3 TDS. 4 of Adams last 5 games were duds and would have been worse without some TD grabs. Call me crazy, but I’m taking Cobb heading into 2017.

“Does the impending move to LA, Phillip Rivers advancing age or changes to the line bring Melvin “Flash” Gordon back to earth this season?”

For those owners that stuck with Melvin Gordon after a so-so rookie campaign, they we given a significant reward. Gordon did see a slight uptick in YPC from 3.5 in 2015 to 3.9 in 2016, but it was touchdowns and a heavier workload in 2016 that lead to fantasy breakout. We currently have Gordon ranked as the #5 back in redraft formats and #4 in dynasty formats. I would still keep him in the top 10, but more towards that back end of that 10. The Chargers drafted Mike Williams and Keenan Allen will be back from an ACL injury, so Rivers will have some top flight receivers to help fend off old man time. Gordon ranked third in the NFL with 19.54 rushing attempts per game in 2016. I see that number going down in this offense now. I still foresee a top 10 season however.

“Is Corey Davis (if fully healthy) at least a flex start week 1?”

Yes…Oh, do you want a better explanation? Yes, yes he is. How about that? Davis is going to be a star in that offense. Marcus Mariota is becoming a star at QB, Demarco Murray and Derrick Henry are a two headed monster at RB and Delanie Walker has been as steady as can be at TE. Add all of that together with a fantastic O Line and this offense is going to be great this year. If the defense can hold up its end, Tennessee will find themselves in the playoffs, maybe even division winners. Back to Davis though, he fully expects to be healthy and the Titans expect him to be healthy. He will be playing and he will be the top target for Mariota. I recently moved up from 1.09 to 1.03 in a league where I own Antonio Brown, Michael Crabtree, Jeremy Maclin and Brandon Marshall……and I plan on starting Corey Davis Week 1.

The last question came in a couple of different forms, but the same point was received. We have some new commissioners asking questions about league settings and if there is anything I would recommend.

First and foremost, dynasty formats are the most fun and keep owners together for longer periods of times. All of my leagues are PPR, I don’t think I have done a league with standard scoring in several years. I have been setting my leagues as PPR before PPR was even a popular format to play. I also highly recommend Individual Defensive Players (IDP) if you’ve never tried it. IDP is a great format that really gets you into NFL games. If you are just setting up a league at work for fun, this will probably be a little too intense for some and you could have owners lose interest quick. I have also been in some leagues that play two QBs and that is also a ton of fun. Adding a second QB can cause a little more chaos in your draft and adds a fun wrinkle if your wanting to test out a new setting.