By: Ben Schmitke (Twitter: @Ben_Schmitke)
Updated: 7/17/2017

Marry, Sleep With, Kill
We all know women who sit around together fantasizing about which men they would rather marry, sleep with, or kill. This is kind of like that, but with your dynasty team. In this article I’ll discuss which player you should “Marry” and build your team with, which player you should “Sleep with” for some rare exciting 20+ point weeks, and which guy you wouldn’t draft in a free league, or just straight up “Kill”.

Here are today’s contestants:
Isaiah Crowell, Latavius Murray, and Carlos Hyde

A couple of notes before we get to deep into this…

All 3 of these players are going into their 4th year.
All 3 have an average Yards Per Carry of either 4.2 or 4.3.
All 3 have either 5 or 6 fumbles in the first 3 years.
The most career TD receptions by any of these players is 3.
Going into the 2017 season each is considered the starter of their team.

Isaiah Crowell’s attempts have increased every year. What started as a committee is turning into a dictatorship. Not to mention he has played in all 16 games EVERY SEASON! Injury is not something to be concerned about with him.

Living in Minnesota I know that there is A LOT of hype around rookie RB Dalvin Cook. However, every time I listen to Paul Allen (@PAOnTheMic), the voice of the Minnesota Vikings, on the radio he is talking about Murray getting first team reps and how well Murray fits the play scheme so far.

Carlos Hyde has not been the main back on his team like the other two have been. In 2014 he only had 83 carries and 16 targets. In 2015 he was injured and played only seven games. In 2016 he played 13 games and accumulated 217 carries for 988 yards. Leaving him only 12 yards shy of hitting club 1,000. Going into the 4th season Carlos remains the lead back, but for a poor offense.

After comparing stats, team situations, I have determined which player I want to “Marry”, who to “Sleep with” and who to “Kill”.

Marry – Isaiah Crowell
The Browns are actually getting better and Isaiah is starting to emerge as an every down back for many years to come.

Sleep With – Carlos Hyde
San Francisco’s team isn’t getting any better, but they will continue to rely on Carlos both when ahead as well as when they are behind in games. Give them a first overall pick and Hyde will be out the door (unless they take a QB).

Kill– Latavius Murray
Although they spent a lot in the free agency for Murray, there is still a reason why Cook was drafted. They are looking for a future and Murray is just a Band-Aid while the Vikings wait for the O-line to heal and improve ahead of an eventual Cook take over.