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Week 16

As we are basically in our last week of relevant fantasy football with most leagues holding their league championships this weekend this will be my last installment of the IDP notes for the 2017 season. It’s been fun and glad that anyone has joined me here weekly to track the happenings in the NFL. I’ll still be available for questions of any sort on Twitter @HBogart27. Thanks again for reading.


Chargers Denzel Perryman may be done for the season. He went down after getting in 23 snaps versus the Chiefs. Javaris Brown stepped in for him for the remainder of the contest. I can’t advise who his replacement will be for certain because of the crazy way Gus Bradley has ran that linebacker group.

There is also news on Chargers SS/LB Adrian Phillips suffered an injury late in the 3rd quarter of that same contest.

The odds are that Brown / Pullard and even maybe Toomer emerge this weekend as the LBs, I’d avoid it like the plague with championships on the line.

Same goes with Chiefs linebackers who I also recently vowed not to “take” on as well as the Chargers. Without the current snap counts I can’t say what happen for sure. But D.J. seemed to be the guy again and Pierre-Louis was active. Ragland fell off the map. Just avoid if at all possible this weekend to be safe, hopefully they figure out if D.J. Will return or not for 2018 and we’ll have a clearer picture for next season.

It was terrible timing for IDPs with the Seattle linebackers Wright being out and Wagner being active but then pulling himself out of the game. Unless somewhere between now and the weekend they are cleared 100% and not state they’ll “try” and play, avoid. It’s a hit but anyone thinking Wagner would manage a good game while “trying” to play was burnt in the end. I won’t suggest thier replacements in the lineup from the past contest, there has to be something better. Again ask me @HBogart27 and we can go over your best options 1 on 1 if there’s no clear cut way. If you own them hope they get 100%.

In New Orleans while A.J. Klein has had a second half of the season with a few injuries Te’o actually has been serviceable. They actually use him the way that Klein should be used on the field at all times when healthy. Figure that one out.

Cardinals Dansby is banged up after being injured in the second half this past weekend. It’ll be another situation to avoid if he isn’t 100%. It’s just too late to try something when you 100% don’t know how they play it out if he is hurt.

The Rams Mark Barron went out early, like real early in the game versus Seattle. I still can’t suggest his replacement. Again there has to be a better option.

The Colts Bostic is injured as well, do we want to trust a Colts LB?

For whatever reason in Buffalo Matt Milano seen a decrease in snaps. I personally promoted him for this contest and went against my idea I need to see it happen 3 times in a row before I actually believe it. I personally paid for it in my flagship league as I inserted him into my lineup. He wasn’t the cause for my losing but it sure didn’t help after being so hyped about him. I truly do apologize to anyone that may have listened to me and it backfired. I’ve learned my lesson and will never force it again without the 3 weeks theory in place, no matter the time of the season.

To finish off this last of the IDP notes in the linebacker category I need to say that any other news I see are pretty irrelevant to mention. Your either heading into your championship game or in the final round to get to the championship game in Week 17 (which I don’t get because so many real NFL teams choice to sit studs in meaningless games or limit their play.) and are set with what got you there. Start your studs. Ask if you are in a situation you need advice. I’ll be happy to try and help.


Jets Leonard Williams is in the concussion protocol.

Bucs Gerald McCoy was out with the bicep injury and even if he would play in week 16 should be an avoid to be safe. It’s his 3rd in his career and doubt it could be near 100% this soon.

For the second time this season Jets Wilkerson was SSPD by the team for violating the team rules. Going to add here, this guy isn’t going to be a Jet more than likely next season. He is still a stud when motivated to be one, keep an eye on him for 2018. May be a wire pick up or a throw in on a trade that you can get and it matter next season.

No further “relevant” DL news.


Looks like Giants Landon Collins might have burnt a few fantasy owners as he re-aggravated his ankle injury. Beware of this for this weekend.

Seahawks IR’d Chancellor a few days ago.

The raiders had high hopes for Obi Melifonwu this season, that didn’t go so well. He landed on IR recently. If he does land on your leagues waiver wire he could be worth a stash this off season.

No further “relevant” DB news, I’m not one to “take” on cornerbacks, they should be streamed by matchups on a weekly basis.

So here we are, the end of the 2017 IDP notes. Thanks for reading all this season and can’t wait to get it all fired up again for 2018. Watch for articles, I’ll be diving into IDP matters to prepare for the next season soon.

-Gary VanDyke