By: Anthony Fabiano (Twitter: @fantasyhelpguru)
Updated: 7/12/2017

Optimal Bestball Targets

For those of you who do not know DRAFT app has recently added Best-ball format leagues. They range from $3 to $100. 3-man, 10-man and 12-man. Some are slow 8-hour drafts that start when full and others are live drafts with a scheduled start time. Best-ball is a draft and go type of format. There is no management, no trading, and no waivers. 18 rounds, start 1QB 2RB 3WR 1TE. There are also no kickers or defenses. The system will automatically place your best performing players into your starting lineup every week. The biggest thing to mention in the scoring is 1/2 PPR.

There is only one thing that matters in fantasy football, news flash, it is not your strategy. What matters is, did you draft the right players? Here are some great draft targets for your upcoming Best-ball league.


For Quarterbacks in a 10-12 team league I always recommend waiting at the position. There is much value to be had in the later rounds especially in a 10-man league. Depending how weak you go at the position you might want to take 2-3 QBs all with different bye weeks for streaming and bye week purposes. Personally I will wait past the 10th round and sometimes past the 12-14th rounds.

Who should I target?

Kirk Cousins 9th round target – He may fall further, but if you want him, don’t wait too much longer. Some fantasy owners are down on Cousins, but I am not. At all. After throwing for 4,700 yards last year, I think he could break 5,000 yards this year.

Dak Prescott 10th round target – I have seen him fall to Round 14 in some drafts. I would definitely expect some regression, but this is great value after Round 10.

Blake Bortles 14th round target – The last two years, he has quietly been QB5 and QB7. I call him Garbage-Time Bortles. I am not sold on the complete offensive overhaul to the run game. Bortles will still get stuck throwing it in the 4th quarter more times than not. Making him a huge value in this late with top 10 upside every week.


Running Backs are a necessity in this draft format. You need at least one, if not two established RBs on your team if you want to win. After doing many of these drafts, the main thing I have noticed is many drafters start off very RB heavy. What is strange about that though, is the RBs never really seem to go away. Round after Round there is always another that could get 10-15 carries per game.

Who should I target?

Isaiah Crowell 4th round target – He may go earlier, but I wouldn’t take him any earlier than the 4th round. You may look at this think “Eww Crowell, a Browns RB”, I actually think the Browns could be decent offensively this year. They have upgraded their OL and Crowell should be the workhorse. The volume will sustain him and he’s always got multi-TD potential any given week.

Frank Gore 8th round target – You’re still getting a starting RB in the 8th round? I know he’s ancient, but this guy is the Tony G of RBs. What is better than targeting a RB in a high powered offense like the Colts? He might not get too many catches, but he will be the goal line back and see the bulk of the carries.

Jonathan Stewart 11th round target – Some drafts people are on him in the 9th, while some he will fall to round 12. The McCaffrey hype is real, JStew will lead his team in rushing attempts this season. Let your opponents burn an early pick on Caff, sit back and wait on Stewart, who should give you some quiet production this year.


Wide Receivers go quick, so take them when you can. Depth is very important. At any one time you, can start up to 4 WRs. I wouldn’t feel safe with any less than 6. I have been targeting 7-8 in my recent drafts.

Who should I target?

Jordy Nelson Late 1st – early 2nd round target. If you have a late pick in the 1st, don’t hesitate to take Jordy. If Jordy is still available in the 2nd, this is a steal. He could be the #1 WR overall this year with Aaron Rodgers at QB. I know he is old, but there is no denying the production you get from that deadly Rodgers to Nelson hookup.

Demaryius Thomas 3rd round target. Extremely overlooked this year. He’s had more than 1,000 yards in his last 5 seasons and at least 141 targets in the last 5 season as well. The QB situation does not completely frighten me, and Demaryius could give you some excellent value here in the 3rd round.

Pierre Garcon 8th round target – He just signed with the 49ers and is reunited with Coach Shanny. In 2013, Shanny was OC of the Redskins and Garcon saw 181 targets. Last year in Atlanta, Julio Jones had 203 targets. You want a target monster in the 8th round, enter Pierre Garcon.


Tight Ends are similar to QBs for me, especially in a best-ball where you can stream a couple at a time each week. Do not pay a premium for a TE in best-ball. The Gronks and Kelces are nice, but their cost is simply too high. If you wait on TE there are several great targets, and you can grab 2-3 late to be safe.

Who should I target?

Kyle Rudolph 9th round target – Bradford’s favorite RZ target last year and it should continue. 83 catches and 7TDs. Rudy gives you a nice floor for a later round TE.

Jason Witten 12th and beyond – You can get him very late. Great TE2 with upside. Witten isn’t a glamorous name by any means, but he tends to always stay on the field, and when streaming TEs, this late is a solid value.

Cameron Brate 13th and beyond – OJ hype has Brate pretty far down on the ADP this year. Brate is being completely forgotten about because of a Round 1 rookie TE. It will take time for OJ to adjust to the NFL. Winston loves his TEs making Brate a huge value. The Bucs also were second in the league in running 2 TE sets, so even if OJ gets more playing time than expected for a rookie, Brate should still get his share.

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