By: Clayton Wright (Twitter: @dynasty_man2)
Updated: 6/20/2017

Finishing as the WR26 last year and being just 24 years old, the future looks bright for Jamison Crowder. QB Kirk Cousins is in Washington for another year and Crowder projects once again to be one of the top weapons in the offense. With the departures of DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon, 214 targets are up for grabs. Thus begs the question – can Crowder make the jump to be a top tier receiver?

Using Matt Harmon’s Reception Perception, more than 40% of Crowder’s routes ran were slants and flats, to which he saw great success. Although he succeeded on 80% of these routes, is it realistic to think that Crowder can make the next jump on “dink and dunk” routes? In order to be a top level receiver, he has to be able to run an array of routes – short, intermediate, and long. Crowder needs to look to run more comeback routes, where he was very successful, in order to add more yards. Crowder’s 12.6 yards per catch ranked as the 55th last year. In comparison, fellow slot receivers Taylor Gabriel and Phillip Dorsett both ranked in the top 10 for yards per catch, thus it is feasible to think that Crowder can gain more chunk yards.

Some argue that all Redskin receivers will receive an uptick in targets, due to DeSean Jackson’s departure to Tampa Bay (100 targets) and Pierre Garcon’s departure to San Francisco (114 targets). Although Crowder may see a slight increase in the upcoming year, an astronomical rise is unlikely. The arrival of Terrelle Pryor Sr. and the effective rookie season for 1st round pick Josh Doctson will take most of the unclaimed targets and most likely quarantine Crowder once again to the slot.

The Verdict

Jamison Crowder is good. And he has the potential to be very good, given some situations align in his favor. With outside receivers Doctson and Pryor adding onto the #1 target Jordan Reed, Crowder’s role for the upcoming season and beyond seems limited. Add that onto Kirk Cousin’s rumored move to San Francisco soon, the quarterback situation could become dicey very soon. With that being said, he is just one injury away from a premier role. Given Doctson and Reed’s injury history, this possibility seems likely. For the immediate season, Crowder can be a low end WR2. In a long term dynasty scope, Crowder is a buy. As it is, he has standalone value and his age plus potential could develop him into a top asset.