By: Mason Dodd (Twitter: @buildthedynasty)
Updated: 4/15/2017

This morning, scrolling across my twitter feed I saw a trade poll for Jordan Matthews or the 1.10 pick in this year’s draft. I assumed it was just someone new to dynasty that didn’t know better to trade a solid young wide receiver for a late rookie pick that had a small chance to amount to anything. So, I voted for JMatt and what I saw next was APPALLING. 67% of people chose the rookie pick out of the hundreds of people who voted on the poll. Here’s why you should go to every league you are in and send out an offer for Jordan Matthews right now.
Back in November, Jordan Matthews was being drafted at the end of the 2nd round-beginning of the 3rd round at the 25th overall in Dynasty start up drafts. Fast forward just 5 months later and Jmatt has fallen to 58th overall. This drastic loss of value was not caused by a severe injury or a suspension like the common situation for something like this to happen. The reason that JMatt has fallen this far is due to the community looking at his situation in the wrong light.

Matthews just came off his worst statistical year in the NFL, but it’s completely understandable due to the situation he was in. He had a rookie quarterback throwing him the ball in one of the league’s worst offenses. The number of wide receivers to post a top 24 season tied to a rookie QB is very small with only elite players doing so, such as Mike Evans with Jameis Winston. Philadelphia was also in the bottom 10 for total yards and passing yards in 2016. The other receiving threats in the passing game were Nelson Agholor, DGB, and Zach Ertz. This allowed for defenses to place pretty much all their attention on Jordan Matthews, because Philly had no other significant weapons on the field. So although Matthews was very disappointing in 2016, but he shouldn’t be the one to blame for his down year. If you haven’t read in to Air Yards much, be sure to check the Air Yards section out. A key stat for on Matthews is that his Air Yards has consistently increased every year since entering the league as well.

The addition of Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith are also seen as factors to why Jordan Matthews’ value is down so much. The addition of Torrey Smith will actually help JMatt because Smith is a field stretcher who will open up things over the middle for Matthews while Smith himself, likely wont demand very many targets. Alshon Jeffery who is only signed for one year, has missed 12 games in the past two years and has been limited for many more. So, although he is an elite talent when fully healthy, his injuries could limit the targets that he will take from Jordan Matthews. The addition of these two receivers will also allow JMatt to play a whole lot more from the slot where he thrives. In 2014 he scored 96.7% of his points from the slot and 98.1% of his points in 2015 also came from the slot. Even though the receiving depth chart became a little more crowded, it should actually help Jordan Matthews production this year by opening up the field and putting the attention on Alshon.

Jordan Matthews, who has only missed 2 games in his 3-year career, is also on an elite list for receptions in a player’s first two seasons, is someone who you should go buy right now. On the surface, his situation seems worse, but after looking into it, you should see how he is one of the most underrated players in Dynasty right now, and his price will never be lower. He is the same player today that he was when people were drafting him at the end of the 2nd round in start-up drafts, his QB will only get better, and Alshon could very well be gone after this year.
Matthews should be a low end WR2/high-end WR3 in Redraft Leagues in 2017,that you should be able to get in the later rounds of your draft.
In Dynasty Leagues he is someone that you should buy in to, because his cost has never been lower, and should only go up from here.