By: Alex Smith @dynastybreakas
Updated: 2/4/2018

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JuJu Smith-Schuster: Hype or Reality?

I think everyone would agree that the hype is very “real” with Mr. JuJu Smith-Schuster. I am here to discuss with you whether that hype is worth its weight in what you would have to pay to get him within the dynasty marketplace. Now first of all, we have to look at all the factors that go into his rising value.

Everyone loves him! From his antics on the field to his playful and youthful personality off the field, he is beloved as the face of the next generation of NFL players.

-The fact that he and his QB retain the highest passer rating while targeting Mr. Schuster (134.8).
-The fact that he had 5 games ranging from 75-193 yards in his rookie season, while sharing a passing work load with a few different receivers including one that garnered NFL MVP consideration.
-The fact that he had 917 on only 58 receptions, while Antonio Brown racked up 101 receptions for 1533.

As everyone should be able to conclude, his efficiency is clearly off the charts. However, we all need to be aware that when you have extraordinary efficiency numbers, you can also expect regression. This is an offense that has produced more yards through the air the any other over the last 3 seasons.

So now that we have established that while he is very talented and very young, there are a lot of reasons to expect regression. There is also arguably the biggest reason why he is being so highly valued in Dynasty markets that I left off the list. He will enter his sophomore season in September at the ultra-young age of 21 years old. This means so much, due to the fact that he was so incredibly productive at the University of Southern California, mostly done under the age of 20. He is now on a solid trajectory for success.

In conclusion, what you are buying when you obtain, or if you were lucky enough to draft JuJu Smith-Schuster at his consensus 2nd round rookie-draft ADP last year is a locked-in future WR1. It might be 3-4 years before that type of upside comes to fruition, but based on his past production and established NFL level talent, he is on a course to become a #1 wide receiver in the NFL. With a little bit of patience and (like always) a little bit of luck, you may have a future WR1 in the National Football League.

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