By: AJ FLores @ChxckenAlfredo
Updated: 12/7/2017

Week 14 Home

Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em
Week 14

Must Start ’em – Jimmy Garoppolo @ Houston Texans
Points Scored: 18.4
Rank: QB16

In Jimmy’s first game with the 49ers, Garoppolo posted 293 yards and one interception against a solid Chicago Bears team. Houston is the worst team against QBs. Texans have given up 26 total touchdowns to QBs and 247 yards per game passing.

Start ’em – Dak Prescott @ New York Giants
Points Scored: 29.9
Rank: QB3

You can start Dak back up against the Giants without Ezekiel Elliott playing. The Giants are without their top corner in Janoris Jenkins. The Giants are giving up 270 yards to QBs per game and a total of 23 touchdowns through the air.

Start ’em – Derek Carr @ Kansas City Chiefs
Points Scored: 12.5
Rank: QB22

Divisional game, on the road, without the Chiefs having their top CB. Peters is out and Crabtree just got a week of rest to go for the first spot in the AFC West. The Chiefs are in seventh for giving up the most points to QBs.

Must Sit ’em – Kirk Cousins @ Los Angeles Chargers
Points Scored: 10.3
Rank: QB25

The Chargers are fourth in fewest points per game. They’ve taken away more passes than they’ve allowed touchdowns through the air at 15 interceptions to 13 touchdowns. The Redskins O-Line is riddled with injuries.

Sit ’em – Cam Newton vs Minnesota Vikings
Points Scored: 15.8
Rank: QB19

In a game last season versus the Vikings, Cam threw three interceptions against this team. Minnesota has given up 14 total touchdowns this year and have nine touchdowns. The Vikings are top five against the QBs.

Sit ’em – Joe Flacco @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Points Scored: 19.4
Rank: QB13

The Steelers are just outside of being in the top five against the QB position. They’ve allowed 16 total touchdowns and have 12 interceptions. In 18 games against the Steelers, Joe is averaging 1.2 TDs and 0.6 interceptions per game.

Running Backs
Must Start ’em – Frank Gore @ Buffalo Bills
Points Scored: 15
Rank: RB20

The Bills are giving up the most points per game to RBs. They’ve allowed 16 total touchdowns and giving up 151 total yards per game to the position.

Start ’em – Jay Ajayi @ Los Angeles Rams
Points Scored: 9
Rank: RB34

Jay finally broke the 30% snap count mark in a losing effort against Seattle. The Rams are giving up the second most points per game to RBs. They’ve have gave up 14 total touchdowns to RBs. Los Angeles is giving up 154 yards from scrimmage to the position.

Start ’em – Peyton Barber vs Detroit Lions
Points Scored: 7.3
Rank: RB44

I thought Quiz would be the man last week against the Packers, I was wrong. Peyton totaled 27 touches and 143 yards against them. He draws an easy matchup this week against the Lions who give up the fourth most points per game to RBs. The Lions have allowed 14 total touchdowns and give up an average of 144 total yards per game.

Must Sit ’em – Christian McCaffrey vs Minnesota Vikings
Points Scored: 8.3
Rank: RB37

CMC will be faced with a tough task in the Vikings. They’ve allowed only four touchdowns on the season! CMC has been rocking through the receiving game lately, but the Vikings have been killing it on the season. They’ve allowed only 36 yards through the air per game on the season.

Sit ’em – Todd Gurley vs Philadelphia Eagles
Points Scored: 28.5
Rank: RB4

Against the Vikings, Gurley had a total of 41 yards and a touchdown against them. The Eagles are right behind the Vikings in terms of points per game given up to RBs. The Eagles are one of four teams allowing less than 20 points per game to RBs. Philadelphia has allowed eight touchdowns to the position, three on the ground and five receiving.

Sit ’em – Leonard Fournette vs Seattle Seahawks
Points Scored: 21.9
Rank: RB11

Seattle is the third team on the list allowing very few points to RBs on the year. Through 12 games, they’ve allowed only eight touchdowns. In two of Fournette’s last four games, he has failed to break 50 yards from scrimmage. In those two games he also didn’t record a touchdown.

Wide Receivers
Must Start ’em – Michael Crabtree @ Kansas City Chiefs
Points Scored: 15
Rank: WR25

The Chiefs are without their top corner in Marcus Peters and Revis couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat last week against the Jets. Crabtree has fresh legs in a key divisional matchup this week.

Start ’em – Sterling Shepard vs Dallas Cowboys
Points Scored: 2.7
Rank: WR94

Shepard gets Eli back for a nice matchup against the Cowboys. Dallas is giving up the third most points per game to WRs. Dallas has gave up 17 touchdowns to WRs on the year and 157 yards per game. Monitor his status as Sunday approaches.

Start ’em – Josh Gordon vs Green Bay Packers
Points Scored: 15.9
Rank: WR24

After seeing eleven targets last week against Hayward and posting a line of 4-85-0, he’s primed for a big day at home against the Packers. The Packers have allowed 13 touchdowns and 170 yards per game to WRs.

Must Sit ’em – Keenan Allen vs Washington Redskins
Points Scored: 17.1
Rank: WR17

This is Allen’s first matchup against Norman. The Redskins are giving up the fifth fewest points per game to WRs. They’ve also allowed only nine touchdowns to WRs on the year.

Sit ’em – Robby Anderson @ Denver Broncos
Points Scored: 5.7
Rank: WR61

This is one due to averages that it’s got to be time for Anderson to let us down. The Broncos has allowed the third fewest points to receivers and are getting back Talib. Denver is allowing 116 yards per game to receivers, but have given up a touchdown per game. They’re the only team in the top five against WRs to do so.

Sit ’em – Devin Funchess vs Minnesota Vikings
Points Scored: 14.9
Rank: WR26

Rhodes are closed for Funchess this week. The Vikings are a middle of the pack team against WRs, but have allowed only eight touchdowns this season through the air.

Tight Ends
Must Start ’em – Jason Witten @ New York Giants
Points Scored: 9
Rank: TE16

In the first matchup of the year, Witten posted 7-59-1. The Giants are giving up the second most points per game this year. What more is needed to be said?

Start ’em – Austin Seferian-Jenkins @ Denver Broncos
Points Scored: 1.1
Rank: TE53

With Anderson having a matchup with the Denver secondary, for the Jets to win this game they will need someone to step up. That someone will be ASJ, with a nice matchup against the third worst defense against TEs. ASJ hasn’t posted a touchdown in his last five games, but is getting enough volume to get the chance to do so.

Start ’em – Hunter Henry vs Washington Redskins
Points Scored: 15
Rank: TE5

Washington is giving up the fifth most points to TEs ad have allowed seven touchdowns through 12 games. With Allen drawing Norman, the Chargers should move more through Henry.

Must Sit ’em – Eric Ebron @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Points Scored: 17.4
Rank: TE4

One place where the Bucs have excelled in is the defense against the TE position. They rank first in fewest points per game given up. The Bucs have allowed only 3 touchdowns on the year. That number with Stafford slightly banged up still should scare you away from any Lion.

Sit ’em – Kyle Rudolph vs Carolina Panthers
Points Scored: 17.1
Rank: TE10

The Panthers have allowed one, two touchdown game on the year. Other than that game, they’ve allowed three touchdowns in the other eleven games. They’re sitting second in fewest points per game to TEs.

Sit ’em – Jared Cook @ Kansas City Chiefs
Points Scored: 18.5
Rank: TE3

Jared has let us all down the last couple weeks with nice matchup and laying goose eggs. This week Cook matches up with the Chiefs who have allowed one touchdown to tight ends this year and are top five against the position.