By: AJ Flores @ChxckenAlfredo
Updated: 10/17/2017

Week 7

Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em – Week 7

Must Start ‘em – Jared Goff vs Arizona Cardinals
Points Scored: 21
Rank: 11
Goff has been on the sit list for the past couple weeks, but his matchup here is looking nice against one of the worst pass defenses in the league. Arizona is top 5 in most pass yards given up, touchdowns given up, and points given up to the position. Especially if you’ve lost Aaron Rodgers for the season.

Start ‘em– Blake Bortles @ Indianapolis Colts
Points Scored: 19.6
Rank: 13
With an injury to Fournette depending how serious it is, Blake could be throwing to his WRs a lot this game as the Colts have given up 300+ on average through the air. Blake will be that fantasy QB we saw the first two years.

Start ‘em– Jay Cutler vs New York Jets
Points Scored: 12.9
Rank: 21
This is my final week putting Cutler on this list if he’s to let me down, it will be the last time besides for my funeral. The Jets are giving up roughly 200+ yards a game and almost two touchdowns a game. I’m looking for an offensive explosion as this team has a total of 5 touchdowns all through the air through 5 games!

Must Sit ‘em – Eli Manning vs Seattle Seahawks
Points Scored: 8.7
Rank: 26
We saw the key to the Giants winning is through the run game. The Seahawks are known as the legion of boom and are top 5 in fewest points allowed to the position. Eli is playing with a bunch of guys we need nametags for. Sterling may return, but it won’t be enough for Eli to be a top QB.

Sit ‘em– Jameis Winston @ Buffalo Bills
Points Scored: 27.2
Rank: 6
The Bills are one of the best defenses against the pass as they have a 1:2 TD:INT thus far. The Bills are giving up a little less than 250 yards a game and with the injury to his shoulder, he won’t be throwing all week. I’d steer clear of him in this matchup.

Sit ‘em– Andy Dalton @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Points Scored: 11.8
Rank: 23
With Pittsburgh being one of toughest teams against QBs, Dalton is a career 3-9 against them. In those 12 games, Dalton has 13 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. The Red Riffle has 4 games over 250 yards against the Steelers and 0 games with 3 touchdowns.

Running Backs
Must Start ‘em– CJ Anderson @ Los Angeles Chargers
Points Scored: 7.1
Rank: 36
Yes, CJ was here last week. The Broncos should know that they cannot win games trying to move the ball through Siemian. The Chargers have also given up the most yards on the ground and a total of 1,013 yards to running backs. Also, see this stat by the man @MitchellRenz365

Start ‘em– Marlon Mack vs Jacksonville Jaguars
Points Scored: 10.6
Rank: 24
Turbin went out in the Titans game with what looked to be a broken arm. Gore is looking slower and Mack helps the Colts win their game against the 49ers. The Jaguars have given up the second most rushing yards and 4 touchdowns this season. Especially against this pass defense the Colts will have to find other ways to move the ball.

Start ‘em– Mark Ingram / Alvin Kamara @ Green Bay Packers
Points Scored: 21 / 15.7
Rank: 7 / 11
I’m recommending both of these players as a start to the fact that the Packers are without star QB Aaron Rodgers for possibly the season. The Saints should get up early and clock kill with their two backs for majority of the game.

Must Sit ‘em– Rob Kelley / Samaje Perine vs Philadelphia Eagles
Points Scored: 5 / N/A
Rank: 46 / N/A
The Eagles have one of the best rush defenses in the NFL. With that being said the Redskins will be on the road against the NFC leading Eagles. Philadelphia should run away with this game and the Redskins will be playing catch up.

Sit ‘em– Alex Collins / Terrance West vs Minnesota Vikings
Points Scored: 3 / N/A
Rank: 62 / N/A
This Vikings team is one of three teams to only allow 1 rushing touchdown to running backs. Also the Ravens just came off a loss to the CHICAGO BEARS. Buck Allen should be the back here but I’m not saying to start him with confidence. Just stating the Vikings are playing well as of late and the Ravens could find themselves down.

Sit ‘em– Jets Backfield (Forte/Powell/McGuire) vs Miami Dolphins
Points Scored: 13.2 / 10.3 / 0.7
Rank: 14 / 26 / 78
This backfield is a mess, if Powell returns it’s going to turn into a committee. Nobody likes committees, also the Dolphins are top 10 in fewest points given up to the position. The Dolphins have also allowed only 4 total touchdowns as well.

Wide Receivers
Must Start ‘em– Allen Hurns vs Indianapolis Colts
Points Scored: 15.1
Rank: T13
The Colts have given up the second most yards to WRs this season. Hurns list as 2nd in targets, 1st in catches, and 2nd in touchdowns on the team. Mariota, unable to be his normal self, was able to put up 13-218-1 on 17 targets to his receivers against this Colts defense.

Start ‘em– Cooper Kupp vs Arizona Cardinals
Points Scored: 15.1
Rank: T13
Arizona has given up a ton of yards through the air to anyone Patrick Peterson isn’t covering. The Cardinals are tied for second in most touchdowns given up and are 5th in points per game given up to the position. Arizona gave up 2 touchdowns last week to the Buccaneers and while I’m suggesting to start Goff this week, Kupp would make for a nice stack.

Start ‘em– Terrelle Pryor Sr @ Philadelphia Eagles
Points Scored: 3.4
Rank: 77
In the previous match-up this season, Pryor got going early and then Cousins stopped looking his way. Pryor had 6 catches for 66 yards. If the Redskins look to stay in this game they will have to take advantage of the Eagles pass defense. Pryor is the most targeted player on his team and is third in catches. The Eagles rank 2nd in points given up to WRs and have given up the 3rd most yards.

Must Sit ‘em– Keenan Allen vs Denver Broncos
Points Scored: 7.1
Rank: 47
Keenan has one game against the Broncos over 50 yards in 5 games. If it weren’t for a late TD to save his night in week 1, he would have post 5 catches for 35 yards. The Broncos have allowed the fewest pass yards among teams with 5 games played through the season. Along with how well the Broncos are against the pass, Keenan is averaging 4 catches and 39 yards through those 5 games.

Sit ‘em– Stefon Diggs vs Baltimore Ravens
Points Scored: N/A
Rank: N/A
If Diggs is healthy, I wouldn’t recommend playing him due to the fact the Ravens pass defense has given up the second fewest yards amongst teams with 6 games played. Along with that stat, they have only given up 3 touchdowns through the 6 games. Jimmy Smith has been one of the top corners on the season as well.

Sit ‘em– T.Y. Hilton vs Jacksonville Jaguars
Points Scored: 4.7
Rank: 67
As much as I’d like to see Hilton have a big game this week after being targeted just 4 times on Monday night, I can’t. The Jaguars defense ranks 3rd in fewest yards given up amongst teams with 6 games played and has only given up 2 touchdowns to WRs.

Tight Ends
Must Start ‘em– Jared Cook vs Kansas City Chiefs
Points Scored: 16.7
Rank: 5
If the Raiders want to stay in this game, they’re going to have to take advantage of the safety/linebackers playing against Cook. Cook is tied for the 2nd most targets, receptions, and yards on the team. The Chiefs have given up 2nd most yards for teams with 6 games played. The only downside here is that the Chiefs have yet to give up a touchdown to the position.

Start ‘em– Jimmy Graham vs New York Giants
Points Scored: 14.1
Rank: 7
The Giants are giving up the second most points per game to TEs and have allowed 6 touchdowns in as many games. Russell is starting to find Jimmy more and I look forward to seeing that trend continue if they want to keep winning as he has saw at least 6 or more targets in the last 3 weeks.

Start ‘em– Austin Hooper vs New England Patriots
Points Scored: 1.6
Rank: 51
ASJ should’ve had 2 touchdowns on Sunday but that’s none of my business. Hooper has been relatively quiet since week 1. Hooper is 2nd on the team in receiving yards & receptions. New England is giving up the 3rd most points per game, 6th most yards, and tied for 2nd in most touchdowns given up. The Falcons should look to take advantage of this matchup.

Must Sit ‘em- Cameron Brate vs Buffalo Bills
Points Scored: 12
Rank: 10
This will probably be the only time you’ll find Brate on here, but the Bills have given up on average 4.8 catches, 48.6 yards, and 0 touchdowns per game. With those stats being given, the Bills are allowing only 9.7 ppg. Steer clear and stream another option.

Sit ‘em– Jason Witten @ San Francisco 49ers
Points Scored: 15.4
Rank: 6
The 49ers have given up the fewest yards in the NFL this season. They’re allowing 3 catches, 24 yards and 0 touchdowns per game on the season. Let’s just let the SF TE defense speak for itself here.

Sit ‘em– Zach Miller vs Carolina Panthers
Points Scored: 4.9
Rank: 27
Before Zach Ertz came into Carolina and had 2 catches for 2 touchdowns against the Panthers, they had only gave up 2 touchdowns through 5 games. Trubisky only threw 16 times and completed 8 passes against the Ravens. The Panthers are giving up 3.3 catches and 35.17 yards per game to TEs, if Luke is healthy and playing this game, Trubisky is in big trouble.