By: AJ Flores @ChxckenAlfredo
Updated: 11/9/2017

Week 9 Home

Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em – Week 9

Must Start ‘em – Jared Goff @ New York Giants
Points Scored: 31.5
Rank: QB1
The Giants are just outside the top 5 in ppg given up to the position. Goff is 3-0 on the road, averaging 223 yards and 2 TDs. Fire him up against this Giants team.

Start ‘em– Jacoby Brissett @ Houston Texans
Points Scored: 22.6
Rank: QB8
As long as Jacoby still has his guys in this offense, the Texans have given up 16 total touchdowns through 7 games against QBs. They’re also giving up the 4th most ppg to the position.

Start ‘em– Broncos Starting QB @ Philadelphia Eagles
Points Scored: 10.4
Rank: QB25
Every time I put someone on here facing my Eagles, they tend to shit the bed. Well, one of these starting QBs will be looking at the return of Emmanuel Sanders. Sanders is a big help to the pass game of the Broncos. The Eagles are one of the best in fewest rush yards per game, so the pass game will have to be the way the Broncos move the ball.

Must sit ‘em – Marcus Mariota vs Baltimore Ravens
Points Scored: 17.5
Rank: QB18
The Ravens are 2nd in fewest ppg given up to QBs. They have given up less than 200 yards per game through the air and only 8 total touchdowns to QBs. On top of the Ravens only allowing 8 touchdowns through their first 8 games, they have 12 interceptions on the season. Steer clear of Mariota.

Sit ‘em– Andy Dalton @ Jacksonville Jaguars
Points Scored: 6.7
Rank: QB26
Dalton is facing the league best defense against QBs. The Jaguars are the only team giving up fewer than 10 points per game to the position. They have only allowed 4 touchdowns through the air. Jacksonville has allowed 1300 yards through 7 games, and have 10 interceptions. Bench Dalton.

Sit ‘em– Matt Ryan @ Carolina Panthers
Points Scored: 21.5
Rank: QB9
The Panthers are 4th in the league giving up 13.7 ppg. They’ve given up roughly 200 yards per game and 1.25 touchdowns per game. The defense has only taken the ball away 3 times through the air.

Running Backs
Must start ‘em– Orleans Darkwa vs Los Angeles Rams
Points Scored: 9.9
Rank: RB25
The Rams are giving up the 2nd most ppg to RBs behind the 9ers. Through 7 games, the Rams have given up 1,100 yards and 9 total touchdowns. Darkwa seems to be the team’s lead back & will be up against a team that’s giving up 29.3 ppg.

Start ‘em– Ameer Abdullah @ Green Bay Packers
Points Scored: 10.7
Rank: RB21
Ameer has been surprisingly better on the road. In 1 less game on the road eh has one more touch and is averaging 1.89 more YPC. The Packers are giving up the 4th most ppg. The Packers have also given up 1,000 total yards and 8 total touchdowns. Put Ameer in your lineup.

Start ‘em– CMC vs Atlanta Falcons
Points Scored: 20.4
Rank: RB6
The Falcons are giving up the 6th most ppg to RBs. Atlanta has given up 3 TDs receiving, an average of 7 catches and 56 yards per game. At home, CMC is averaging 7 receptions and 60 yards per game, so the numbers line up perfectly for him as a start.

Must Sit ‘em– Eagles RBs (Ajayi/Blount) vs Denver Broncos
Points Scored: 13.7/3.7
Rank: RB14/RB46
We just witnessed Kareem Hunt get shut down by this team Monday night, they are the best against RBs giving up an average of 15.9 ppg. The Eagles just recently traded a 4th for Jay Ajayi so give this backfield some time to sort itself out.

Sit ‘em – Indianapolis RBs (Mack/Gore) @ Houston Texans
Points Scored: 2.9/10.7
Rank: RB51/RB22
Houston is top 3 against RBs giving up an average of 18 points to the backfield. Houston has also been on fire on offense so the run game will almost be shut out of the play calling as the Colts are averaging just 17 ppg. The Texans have given up 3 touchdowns through the air to backs, but less than 30 receiving yards per game. With Indianapolis not trading Gore at the deadline it makes it hard to start Marlon either.

Sit ‘em– Rob Kelley @ Seattle Seahawks
Points Scored: 13.8
Rank: RB13
Fat Rob’s longest rush came in garbage time last week. He only saw 8 carries, which gathered 19 yards. He did manage to punch one in from one yard out to salvage anything on the day. The Seahawks are giving up 89 yards per game on the ground, but the Redskins are realizing they need Thompson in the game more to be a threat. If I had to start one from this backfield, it would be Thompson. Seahawks have given up 5 total TDs and 800 total yards through 7 games to the position.

Wide Receivers
Must start ‘em– Ted Ginn Jr. vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Points Scored: 15.9
Rank: 17
The Buccaneers are the most ppg to WRs and Ted Ginn is getting a fair amount of looks. He is the second most targeted WR on the team behind MT. In 3 games at home Ginn has averaged 3 catches & 52 yards. In a game I think that the Saints should win, Ginn is averaging 3 catches 68.8 yards per game. The Bucs don’t get a bye week as they had the week 1 postponement so expect this defense to start wearing down. They’ve given up 1340 yards & 8 TDs to WRs.

Start ‘em– Will Fuller vs Indianapolis Colts
Points Scored: 5.2
Rank: WR60
You don’t even need an explanation here on why to start him. All he does is catch touchdowns. The Colts are giving up the 6th most ppg to WRs & with the roll the Texans are on with their offense I don’t see them letting off the pedal anytime soon. The Colts are giving up 12 receptions and 191 yards per game to the position. The Colts have also allowed a score in 6 of 8 games.

Start ‘em– Larry Fitzgerald @ San Francisco 49ers
Points Scored: 12
Rank: WR28
I do not care if Palmer is out or who the QB of the Cardinals is at this time. The 49ers traded one of their top corners to the Jets. The 49ers are also 8th in most ppg given up. They’ve allowed a score to the WR group in each game. They’re giving up on average 11 receptions, 160 yards and a score per game.

Must sit ‘em– Alshon Jeffery vs Denver Broncos
Points Scored: 26.4
Rank: WR3
Denver is the 2nd best against WRs. They’re only allowing 8 catches & 95 yards per game. The Broncos have given up TDs in 6 of 7 games but to rely on a touchdown is very difficult. After watching MNF with the Chiefs and Broncos, the way to beat this team would be with Ertz.

Sit ‘em– AJ Green vs Jacksonville Jaguars
Points Scored: 1.6
Rank: WR92
Jacksonville has given up only 2 touchdowns through 7 games. Also only giving up 10 catches and 115 yards per game. The Jaguars are giving up the 6th fewest ppg to WRs. The Bengals offense hasn’t looked the same as it did in years past.

Sit ‘em– Doug Baldwin vs Washington Redskins
Points Scored: 23.8
Rank: WR4
The Redskins are 5th in fewest ppg to WR. They recently got their star CB back in Josh Norman & Bashaud Breeland should be returning as well. The Redskins are allowing a little less than 9 catches and 116 yards per game. The Redskins big number here is that they’ve only allowed 4 touchdowns which is tied for 4th in the league.

Tight Ends
Must start ‘em– Zach Ertz vs Denver Broncos
Points Scored: N/A
Rank: N/A
The guy is matchup proof. Also, the Broncos are top 3 in most ppg to the position and we just saw Travis Kelce have a big night on MNF.

Start ‘em– AJ Derby @ Philadelphia Eagles
Points Scored: 2.1
Rank: TE34
I hate throwing my team under the bus, but one of their most vulnerable positions against is TE. If Denver learned anything on Monday, was that AJ is their best receiving TE and to get him more involved with or without Sanders out if they want to be able to move the ball fluently. The Eagles are giving up the 5th most ppg.

Start ‘em– Jared Cook @ Miami Dolphins
Points Scored: 20.6
Rank: TE1
The Dolphins are giving up 6+ catches and 50 yards per game to TEs. Cook is 3rd on the team in yards and only 40 behind the top guy. Cook is also only 2 receptions behind Crabtree & 3 receptions behind Cooper. The Dolphins are giving up the 6th most ppg.

Must sit ‘em- Eric Ebron @ Green Bay Packers
Points Scored: 6.5
Rank: TE23
We know Ebron has been relatively bad all season, but the matchup here doesn’t help any either. Green Bay has given up the fewest ppg to the positon. Also they only allow 3 catches and 33 yards per game. The Packers are the only team to not give up a TD to TE yet this season!

Sit ‘em– Cameron Brate @ New Orleans Saints
Points Scored: 1.9
Rank: TE36
Division game on the road against a top 5 team against TEs is not an ideal matchup. The Saints are giving up 3 catches and 37 yards per game. They’ve also only allowed 3 touchdowns through their 7 games. Stray away from Brate.

Sit ‘em– Austin Hooper @ Carolina Panthers
Points Scored: 6.6
Rank: TE22
The Panthers have allowed 3 catches and 40 yards per game to TE. Luke is healthy and playing well and so is that Carolina defense. Besides for a 2 TD game from Zach Ertz, through the other 7 games the Panthers have allowed only 2 TDs on the year to the position. Along with all this, the Falcons offense has been hit or miss all season.