By: AJ Flores @ChxckenAlfredo
Updated: 9/28/2017

*Updated With Ranks/Points Scored: 10/3/2017


Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em
Week 4

Points Scored: 24.8
Rank: QB9
MUST Start – Aaron Rodgers vs Chicago Bears
It’s pretty obvious that Rodgers is a must start, he averages 4/1 TD:INT in 18 games against the Bears. The Bears corners are nothing to ride home about and with Jordy in the lineup last week after the leg injury in the previous week I wouldn’t be worried about Rodgers production as he’s currently averaging 322 yards, 2TDs, and 1 INT per game.

Start ‘Em – Kirk Cousins @ Kansas City Chiefs
Points Scored: 22.8
Rank: QB12
I originally had Andy Dalton poised for this spot, but I can’t see Washington getting much of a run game together in this game after losing Kelley week 2 and Perine week 3. Wentz was able to put up 333 yards, 2TDs, and 1 pick in a losing effort and I can see the Redskins needing to do much of the same against this defense. Cousins hasn’t turned the ball over since week 1.

Start ‘Em – Tom Brady vs Carolina Panthers
Points Scored: 23.5
Rank: QB10
The GOAT is averaging 364 yards a game, 2+ TDs and 0 INTs a game, he has to be amongst your starters. Carolina is averaging less than 200 yards passing against, but that will go well over after Tom is done with them. Carolina hasn’t played a team with this many weapons thus far as they’ve face the 49ers, the Bills, and the Saints. The Saints would be my biggest guess to put up huge numbers and Brees only posted 220 yards, 3TDs and 0 INTs. Tom has far more options and an equal rushing attack as the Saints, this passing game will be firing on all cylinders.

MUST Sit – Derek Carr @ Denver Broncos
Points Scored: 11.1
Rank: QB25
In games against the Broncos, Carr is only averaging 183 yards, a TD a game, and a bit less than an interception a game. Not much had changed for the #NoFlyZone other than cutting TJ Ward. The Broncos are only allowing 214 yards through the air and after watching Monday night’s game for the Raiders against the Redskins, I wouldn’t be starting much from this team.

Sit ‘Em – Jameis Winston vs New York Giants
Points Scored: 29.8
Rank: QB7
In one previous game against the Giants, Jameis threw for 247 yards with no touchdowns or interceptions. Yes, I understand they have more weapons and it was in Jameis’ rookie season. I also do believe the Giants secondary is better with the addition of JackRabbit and Collins becoming more of an elite safety. New York is only allowing 188 yards through the air but 150 rushing, and I can see the Bucs needing to take advantage of that number.

Sit ‘Em – Alex Smith vs Washington Redskins
Points Scored: 30.2
Rank: QB 6
Redskins were on lockdown as they didn’t allow Cooper or Crabtree all but 2 catches for 13 yards and 118 pass yards for Derek Carr. Also against one of the better O-Lines in the league the Redskins were able to sack Carr 4 times. They’re only allowing 224 yards passing and have gave up 4 touchdowns and have 4 interceptions as well.

Running Backs

MUST Start – Le’Veon Bell vs Baltimore Ravens
Points Scored: 34.6
Rank: RB1
At some point the Steelers have to get this run game going and a division game on the road can be the time to do so. Bell has played the most % of snaps of any RB, the Ravens are allowing 4.3 YPA, and Bell is only at 3.46 YPA. This is where we’ll see Bell pay off for the draft pick you took him at.

Start ‘Em – Wendell Smallwood vs Los Angeles Chargers
Points Scored: 17.9
Rank: RB14
After the amount of work Smallwood saw once Sproles went off with a possibly career ending torn ACL and broken forearm, posting 80 yards on 13 touches on a New York Giants Defense. The Chargers are top 10 in yards allowed per attempt and looking at the snap counts Smallwood should be in for an increased workload this week. Credit to @TomDegenerate for the image below.

Start ‘Em – Chris Carson @ Indianapolis Colts
Points Scored: 9.6
Rank: RB34
Carson is the Seahawks leading rusher and averaging 4.49 yards per carry. CJ Prosise is questionable again, while Rawls saw no snaps in the previous game. The Seahawks should easily be able to move the ball against this defense and should be in a ball control situation most of the game where they are looking to run out the clock as the Colts are only putting up 17 ppg and giving up 30 ppg. The 12th man will be in effect for 2nd year QB Jacoby Brissett.

Sit ‘Em – Marshawn Lynch @ Denver Broncos
Points Scored: 1.2
Rank: RB84
The Raiders couldn’t get anything going on the ground against the Redskins and I can see much of the same happening against the Broncos. The Broncos have given up only 89 rush YPG and are 1st in fewest yards per carry at 2.6. Also are in mile high, what more to say here.

Sit ‘Em – Ameer Abdullah @ Minnesota Vikings
Points Scored: 19.9
Rank: RB10
Vikings are only giving up 62 rush YPG and are 3rd in fewest yards per carry at 3. Ameer is averaging only 3.5 yards per carry, I can see the game flow calling for a lot of Riddick and the pass game.

Sit ‘Em – Mark Ingram @ Miami Dolphins
Points Scored: 10.2
Rank: RB32
Sean Payton hates Ingram for whatever reason. Along with the Payton hate, the Dolphins are only allowing 73 yard per game and 4th at 3.1 in fewest yards per carry. The Saints like to rotate their backs and this can be a game where Kamara sees a good chunk of the work.

Wide Receivers

MUST Start – Willie Snead @ Miami Dolphins
For a guy that was 3rd on the team in targets last year, he’s finally making his appearance for the 2017 season after a 3 game suspension. Being third on the depth chart, Snead still posted good numbers at 72-895-4 and I can only see those numbers going up. The Saints draw an easy matchup this week and will look to get Snead going strong against one of the worst yards per pass attempt team.

Start ‘Em – DeVante Parker/Jarvis Landry vs New Orleans Saints
Points Scored: 12.9/10.0
Rank: WR27/WR34
Both are starts in this one as they’re going against the other worst yards per pass attempt team and the gunslinger, smokin’ Jay is their QB. Parker leads the team in yards, while Jarvis leads the team in targets and receptions. Both should be good plays here in a shootout matchup.

Start ‘Em – Sterling Shepard @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Points Scored: 10.4
Rank: WR33
Sterling leads the team in all categories besides touchdowns. With the team not having much of a run game and the field day the Case Keenum led Vikings had I would feel confident starting Shepard. Shepard is coming off a 7 grab game, with 133 yards, and a touchdown. The Buccaneers are bottom 5 in yards per pass attempt as well.

MUST Sit – Pierre Garcon @ Arizona Cardinals
Points Scored: 7.6
Rank: WR59
Pierre will likely draw shadow coverage against Peterson, who allowed Dez to make 0 catches while covering him. Hoyer will still force feed it to Garcon as he’s averaging 8+ targets a game, but i don’t see much production to come out from this game.

Sit ‘Em – Amari Cooper/Michael Crabtree @ Denver Broncos
Points Scored: 2.9/INACTIVE
Rank: WR90
Cooper is averaging a 50% catch rate, 35 yards a game and has one touchdown in four games, while Crabtree’s numbers mirror Coopers. The #NoFlyZone will be in full effect this game. Expect much of the same, as you saw from Monday night’s efforts in Washington.

Sit ‘Em – Desean Jackson vs New York Giants
Points Scored: 4.0
Rank: WR83
Desean will likely draw matchup coverage against the speedster corner Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. DRC has the speed and agility to keep pace with DJax. Through 3 games the Giants are top 10 in yards per pass attempt and have allowed only 4 passing touchdowns, 2 of which came against the Lions week 2.

Tight Ends

MUST Start – Zach Ertz vs Los Angeles Chargers
Points Scored: 13.1
Rank: TE7
Zach has been the number one receiving option in Philadelphia, leading the team in targets, receptions, yards, and trailing Agholor in touchdowns. The Chargers are in the bottom half of yards per attempt, which makes for a juicy matchup.

Start ‘Em – Jared Cook @ Denver Broncos
Points Scored: 7.6
Rank: TE25
I know above I’ve stated to stay away from Raiders players, but the Broncos are top 5 in points given up against TEs. We saw Cook lead the team in yards, score the only touchdown, tied for second in receptions, and tied for targets. The Broncos are on average giving up 6-61 with a touchdown in 2 out 3 games.

MUST Sit – Zach Miller @ Green Bay Packers
Points Scored: 6.5
Rank: 28
Mike Glennon hasn’t been the answer thus far, even though they’re coming off a win against Pittsburgh. I don’t see Glennon answering the bell on Thursday night in GB. On top of that, the Packers have given up the fewest points per game to TEs through 3 games.

Sit ‘Em – Evan Engram @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Points Scored: 12.2
Rank: TE8
Evan is averaging 4+ for 46 yards per game and Tampa is gonna look to completely shut him down as they are top 3 in fewest points per game from a TE through their first two games. The Giants offense is very pass heavy right now, but the WRs will be the ones to eat as the Bucs are 4th in most yards per attempt.