By: Alex Smith @dynastybreakas
Updated: 2/6/2018

Dynasty 101

The Dynasty Marketplace

Targeting market inefficiencies is what a lot of this game is about. We find players to buy that have effectively had their market value drop out from underneath their feet. We search for players to sell that have had their market values spike, exceeding all possible logic based value. There are several different reasons why market inefficiencies occur, they are not without comparison to the stock market. When insecurities develop based on large or in some cases very small events, some having nothing to do with football such as dui, rumors, or fines. There are also many more that have everything to do with football such as injuries, bad game or game(s), change of QB, change of coaching staff and or scheme. A number of these “events” can develop and create insecurities within the Dynasty Market’s.

These market insecurities usually do not result in an immediate change to a player’s current value. Yes, there value may change based on some or all of those factors, however that doesn’t mean that they are market inefficiencies. Market inefficiencies are created when a player’s value changes beyond all logical conclusions. This can only happen after a certain period of time due to the fact that you need time to cultivate either the “hype” of said player, or the “doom” of said player. Therefore, you need these market insecurities to grow into the offseason where capitalizing on market inefficiencies is most prominent. At this point you will have a large enough distance between talent/upside and a sound logical player value. These “my friends” are the market inefficiencies that you need to capitalize on.

Controlling your biases is one major contributor to not only taking advantage of market inefficiencies, but also producing them. The fact that most people are the ones propping these inefficiencies up is the reason why you will never be able to properly capitalize on them if you cannot check your biases. You need to understand exactly why you are low/high on said player. Then decide whether that is a logical conclusion or is this completely blown out of proportion. You can figure this out by looking up historical data or information for when these types of situations have occurred in the past and decide whether it had such a devastatingly positive or negative effect on said player.

Whichever way you choose to build your team, trading is always going to be a major tool to bring a championship closer to your grasp, however you need to do it right. Understand whether something is based on logic or hype, check your biases at the door and most of all don’t be afraid to lose!

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