By: Kyle Richardson (Twitter: @KRich1532)
Updated: 7/8/2017

Dynasty Tiers: WR

These are not normal tier rankings. Mine are a bit unique. I take a lot into consideration, so take a look at what each tier means. I factor in what my thoughts are for 2017 numbers and what they will provide in the future.

Tier 1: Top players at the position. Age is factored in, but elite is elite. You are getting the best here.

Tier 2: Up and comers. They may not have a lengthy track record, but they are trending up. They COULD be elite soon.

Tier 3: Reliable vets with age catching up to them with some youth sprinkled in. These guys may or may not provide elite stats, but they are trustworthy. Older players may not be worth owning soon and young guys may never reach elite status, but offer solid numbers.

Tier 4: Risky options galore. A mix of seasoned vets and/or younger players that have not established a track record, but could be getting their shot soon. Young players in this category could be bumped up soon, but it’s too soon to call. They may not have a clear path to playing time yet.

Tier 5: The rest. Rookies with no experience and bench vets who could be an injury away from starting.

Tier 1

The best of the best. You could argue taking out Green because of injuries, but when on the field his production is top notch. You could argue that Cooper may be below Crabtree on his own team in terms of production, but he has had two of the most productive seasons ever for a player his age. Beckham, Evans, Brown and Jones are great. The cream of the crop here.

Tier 2

Thomas has seen a huge boost in value since the Brandin Cooks trade to New England. He’s playing with one of the best QBs in the NFL, in a high powered offense. Landry has become known as a PPR monster the last two years. He saw a decrease in targets last year after the Dolphins went to the run more, but he still offers tremendous “floor” value being a safe play. Robinson struggled in 2016, but that was due more to his one dimensional offense and sporadic QB play. Still a great talent. I moved between tier 2 and 3 with Hilton, and he should probably be in tier 3. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt though because I hope Andrew Luck continues to grow this year. Davis makes it into tier 2 already because of his talent and the young, dynamic offense he gets to play in. I am not a fan of Hopkins, but he was a WR1 two years ago and is only 25. Tough to take him in redraft, but he’s a solid choice in dynasty as he develops a relationship with Deshaun Watson. Watkins has all of the potential but less than dynamic QB in an offense that wants to run the ball. I can’t downgrade him though until he stays on the field for a full season and isn’t successful. Cooks leaves one HOF QB for another in New England. Not sure what will happen in an offense with so many weapons, but he has a lot of potential. Hopefully the Redskins resign Kirk Cousins after the 2017 season, because Crowder has great chemistry with him. Even bringing in Terrelle Pryor isn’t going to mess with that. I am not a fan of Hill. I think he is more of a gimmick player than anything. He had an incredible season last year though. Ball is in his court to produce and prove me wrong. Benjamin apparently reported to camp overweight, but that wouldn’t stop me from going after him. Lots of talent and the Panthers will move away from Cam Newton run plays to a more traditional offense. Shepard doesn’t have a whole lot of value this year and Brandon Marshall will take some touches away from him. But moving forward he is going to be a solid WR2 with WR1 upside. He played more snaps than any other Giants skill position player in 2016. Meredith is trending up in my books. Him and Enunwa are two of my breakout candidates for 2017 and I see them both succeeding with at least WR2 return. Bryant is back from a year off, but he was an amazing deep threat in 2015. Pittsburgh has one of the best offenses in the league with plenty of touchdowns and receptions to share. Snead is one of my PPR favorites this year. He will control the middle of the field in New Orleans. Diggs is absolutely talented, maybe one of the most talented players based on pure skill set and explosiveness. Problem is, he doesn’t have a great QB situation. Another disappointing season from him in 2017 could drop him in my rankings.

Tier 3

Baldwin has been top 10 in PPR leagues the last two years, but wasn’t even a WR2 the year before. I like him, but based on age and only two years of WR1 production, he’s in this tier. People are IN LOVE with Bryant for some reason. Tyler Ghee gave some interesting stats in a previous episode of the FFD260 Podcast. Check it out for a more in depth look at him and why he falls in tier 3. Allen would be in tier 1 for me, but injury concerns leave him here. I love him, but it’s hard to invest in a guy that can never seem to stay on the field. Lots of mouths to feed in LA raises concerns as well. Nelson has been a WR1 in Green Bay, but he is on the wrong side of 30 now. I’m not a fan of Devante Adams, but him along with Cobb and the newly acquired Martellus Bennett will take targets away. Cobb faced some injury issues last year, but he will bounce back and become a legit WR2 again. Thomas and Sanders are great receivers when they have a QB to get them the ball. I don’t like Paxton Lynch and I don’t think Trevor Siemian is good enough to get them both the ball to have high upside. Both are low end WR2 for me. Tate is a low WR1/ high WR2 in PPR formats. He plays in a good offense and offers great value. Pryor broke out last year and has a chance to solidify himself as a legit WR1 in Washington. I’m being cautious with this ranking for now. I could see him being bumped up, but he is 28 already. Crabtree posted better numbers than Cooper last year, but is in a lower tier? What you saw last year from Crabtree will be his best. For dynasty, Cooper is the man to own, but Crabtree still offers good opportunities in the short run. Edelman has a brand new contract to keep him in New England for three more years. He will produce the rest of the time there, even if Brady isn’t throwing him the ball. This will be Fitzgerald’s last season, but he has one last go around. He will provide good numbers in 2017, which is why he is in tier 3. However, he’s done after this, so don’t invest much. Decker and Tennessee are a match made in heaven. He will excel there out of the slot, with lots of talent around him. This will be a much more dynamic offense with a more mature Marcus Mariota. Jackson will get a shot to catch deep balls from Jameis Winston in a wide open offense. I like him more in redraft, but he could be a solid dynasty option for the next couple of years. I have always been a huge Maclin fan. I was all in on him when he returned from his ACL injury and he rewarded me greatly. I think he excels in Baltimore giving Joe Flacco his best weapon since Steve Smith. I like Marshall as a bounce back candidate for this year. He lands in my tier 3 dynasty ranking because of his touchdown upside in a great offense. He won’t offer much, if anything, past 2018. Garcon has been a steady contributor in Washington, but goes to a less than ideal situation in San Francisco. Luckily he gets to play for offensive minded Kyle Shanahan. Ginn has offered some boom or bust, TD dependent numbers the past couple of years in Carolina. However, when you have Drew Brees throwing the football your way, things tend to go well. Wallace will have to fight for targets with Maclin, but he has been a steady WR2 in Baltimore. Not dropping him until I see the Maclin signing really affect him on the field.

Tier 4

Tier 4 is so large; I am not going to touch on every player. If you have specific questions on someone’s ranking, always feel free to contact me on Twitter. I want to touch on the rookies listed in this tier first. Williams, Ross, Jones, Samuel and Golladay. I personally think Corey Davis is the only elite WR talent in this year’s draft class, but the rest of these guys could offer great upside at some point. Every single one has a chance to contribute to their teams this year, but I want to see it first. Next year, all of these guys could be in tier 2. Some of my favorite values this year are located in tier 4. Thielan, Jones, Stills, Britt and Woods all offer WR2 upside for me while Sanu and Gabriel offer flex play opportunities based on matchups. I think Lockett also returns from injury to offer good upside, especially in leagues that may count return yards. Guys like Adams, Jeffery, Moncrief, Matthews and Austin are not guys I personally like. They all have loads of talent but they are way to inconsistent in my mind. I also have several young players that need to take a step forward for their fantasy owners and teams. Funchess, Treadwell, White, Perriman, Docston, Fuller, Parker and Coleman were high on fantasy radars at some point in the last three years, but interest has cooled. Keep an eye on these guys in deeper formats if you’re looking for value.

Tier 5

Tier 5 is full of young talent. I don’t see a ton of work for any of these guys right away. It will take an injury or a vet leaving for room to be made or targets to become available. If I had to pick one guy I am most excited about, it would be Chesson. Him and Patrick Mahomes will be hooking up in the near future. I also like Cupp, Reynolds, Goodwin and Stewart.