By: Miguel Chapeton (Twitter: @DynastyGuruFF)
Updated: 9/18/2017

Top 3 Week 2 WR Waiver Adds

Rashard Higgins, WR Cleveland Browns – Higgins is a 6ft 1in former 2016 5th rd draft pick for the Browns. He comes in with a great college production profile – 44% Dominator Rating and Breakout Age of 18.9 – and was known for his route running, ability to high point balls, and a knack for being able to gain separation from CB’s even though he lacks the speed – 4.64 40 yd dash – you would like to see from outside WR. Does that remind you of anyone? It should, and his name is Keenan Allen. Allen is 6ft 2in, former 3rd rd pick, dominated in in college (49%), broke out early (18.4), lacked speed (4.71) but was also known for his route running, separation, and ability to high point the ball. In Week 2, Higgins saw a very Keenan-esque target share with 11 targets for a 7/95/0 line. The Browns lost Coleman due to his broken hand, Britt looks like FA bust, and after that there’s no one else there to really challenge Higgins for targets. The Browns may not be a sexy offense, nor may they have the best QB situation but it’s not awful. Plus, they will be down a lot in games and therefore needing to throw so why not Higgins? This to me feels like Adam Thielen like pickup last year, a guy no one knew, in a “unsexy” offense, playing second fiddle to Diggs, with a QB no one trusted. Yet when it was all said and done Thielen was a top 30 WR and has continued his great play into 2017. Additionally, using my metric PSI – Prospect Success Indicator – Higgins checks in with a score of 4.56 and Allen with 4.45. These guys couldn’t be more a like if they tried. I’ve added him in 2 leagues and couldn’t be happier about it, I hope you do to.

PSI Score: 4.56/5.00

MFL % Owned: 7.32%

Devin Funchess, WR Carolina Panthers – I have been hyping Funchess all offseason as a 3rd year breakout – same with our #3 candidate – after 2 weeks I love what I’m seeing and he’s owned in less than 50% of MFL leagues. Funchess is currently 3rd on the team in targets (9) behind Kelvin (13) and McCaffrey (12). However even though he is down in targets he has proven to be just as, if not, more efficient than his WR counterpart Kelvin Benjamin. KB has 14.6 YPC to Funchess’ 14.7, KB has 7 catches to Funchess’ 6, and KB has a 54% catch rate to Funchess’ 67%. Now if you go back to Funchess as prospect he was WR/TE hybrid coming out of Michigan and now Greg Olsen is out for 6-8 weeks. Sure Ed Dickson is the logical TE replacement but this is the type of opportunity that Funchess could use to help breakout. OC Shula came out today and confirmed that Funchess is a good possibility to help relieve the pain of losing Olson. Coaches have loved Funchess for his ability to learn each WR position and be a moveable chess piece, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him take over the vacant targets Olsen has left behind. Finally, with Olsen out KB and Funchess are the two logical RZ targets, so Funchess should get more looks here and if there has been one positive of his short career, it has been his ability to score TDs.

PSI Score: 4.58/5.00

MFL % Owned: 48.97%

Paul Richardson, WR Seattle Seahawks – He’s another of my hyped WR’s this offseason. What I love about Paul is that if you throw it up he’s always going to come down with it. I love his ability to come down with 50/50 balls. Plus, he’s the tallest WR Seattle has so he’s a good RZ threat since Jimmy Graham is shell of his former self so far. Through 2 weeks, Paul is looking pretty good, could be a bit better, but overall I am happy, considering how bad the Seattle offense has looked. He’s currently tied for 2nd on the team with 12 targets, just 1 behind Baldwin. Has the only TD both rushing and receiving on the team and it came in a RZ look with the game on the line. His Y/R is a nice 13 yards, the only negative is his catch rate hovering right at 50%. Hopefully the Seattle offense begins to improve as the weeks go on and if they do I don’t see any reason why Richardson will not be direct beneficiary of that.

PSI Score: 4.58/5.00

MFL % Owned: 48.47%