Guest Article: John Hehir (Twitter: @DaRealEthiopian)
Updated: 4/13/2017

The off-season is what separates dynasty fantasy football from redraft fantasy football. Gone are the days of quitting during the season because your team got hit with the injury bug, or because players didn’t pan out as you had hoped (Thanks Brock). The off-season is arguably the most active time of the year for the dynasty community as owners are reevaluating their rosters and seeing how they can mold their team. There are two key questions that need to be asked before making any trade:

1. Am I getting the “right” value?
2. What does this do to my championship window?

The biggest thing when trading is ensuring that you are getting the “right” value. By having trade talks with multiple owners in the league, it’s pretty easy to find out the value of pieces within your league. Some owners value RBs more than others, some owners value draft picks more than others, and some owners assume that players might come back from retirement/suspension, causing the value of players like M.Bryant and M.Lynch to be higher than normal. The point is that every player has a certain value to each owner. If i’m rebuilding, I’m looking to move older players for draft picks or trying to hold the vets until the trade deadline when their value will be highest. If I’m a contending team, this time of year i’m looking to move my draft picks for an old vet that could help win you the championship. Try Jordy, B.Marshall, Gates. I’m not saying sell the farm for them, but if the price is right and they could help you win a championship, it’s def worth it. Also always be on the lookout for players that you can buy low that could potentially help your team in the long run. Always get “right” value.

Every year we all say this is going to be the year we win the ship, the year we take home the prize. Problem is that some of us aren’t being real and realizing that stud Eddie Lacy turned into Fat Eddie Lacy, Calvin Johnson retired, and Rawls got demoted. Even after winning the championship, it’s always a good idea to check on your players and how your team is looking for the next season. Personally I try to look ahead 2-3 years and decide based on what I see. If you’re in the middle of a window and going to be contending for the foreseeable future, there is no reason to move any of your big pieces. You wanna try to stay in the window as long as possible by moving the smaller pieces, keeping your core in tact. There also comes a time when you gotta realize that your team just isn’t cutting it anymore and it’s time to break up it up.

No one wants to admit their team can’t cut it anymore and blow it up, but being stuck in mediocrity just won’t cut it. I’m either a seller or a buyer and when making moves I try to look at where I am relative to my championship window and what exactly I need to do to get there/stay in there to create my dynasty.