By: David Reynolds (Twitter: @FwT3R_aka_DorD)
Updated: 4/5/2017

It was not long ago that this time of the year was strictly for the Fantasy Football community that participated in Dynasty leagues. I mean all we Redraft owners had was some mock drafts with 11 other computer generated teams. Heck, you’d be lucky if you got a few other humans to draft with you. They would all be gone by the third or fourth pick and that is if you were lucky. Luckily for us those days are long gone and now we have real drafts, with 11 real other owners and it’s for money! The popularity of best ball drafts have become such a huge thing that at this moment, many drafts have already been completed for the 2017 season. With this amount of completed drafts and the average draft position tool that allows us to see where these players are being drafted, I felt it was an appropriate time to pick a player from each position that I feel is being undervalued at this time. Before we start, it is worth noting that these are based on points per receptions (PPR) scoring.

In addition to the MFL10s, these ADP numbers can be used when heading into your Redraft Leagues for 2017. Let’s take a look at just how valuable these guys were in 2016, and realize the value that comes with their current ADP.

Quarterback: Kirk Cousins, being drafted in the 10th round as the 13th QB off the board. In his last 33 games (including one playoff game) Cousins has thrown for 285.2 passing yards, 1.6 passing touchdowns and .7 interceptions per game. He has had 13 games with at least two passing touchdowns, 14 games with 300+ passing yards, and 15 games with no less than 19 fantasy points. With the additional nine rushing touchdowns (no less then four in each season), he has placed no lower than 8th at his position in the last two years.

Running Back: Theo Riddick, is currently being drafted in the 8th round as the 31st running back to come off the board. Since 2015, he has had 17 games with at least five catches. I would like to add that Riddick has only played in 28 games during this stretch of time. The Detroit Lions also made a switch at offensive coordinator in 2015 after their first eight games. In the 18 games since the change, he has averaged 6.3 targets and five catches per game. In 2015 (played a full 16 games), he tied Danny Woodhead for the most catches (80) for running backs. In the 10 games for 2016, only seven other running backs had a better points per game (16.2)*.

Wide Receiver: Larry Fitzgerald, is currently being drafted in the fifth round as the 30th wide receiver off the board. Since the start of the 2015 season (including playoffs), Fitz has averaged 9.2 targets, 6.7 catches, 71.9 yards and .5 touchdowns per game. He has placed 12th or higher in targets (first in 2016) and no lower then fifth in catches (first in 2016) and he had more catches in 2015 (109 to 107). He has 22 games with six or more catches, 15 games with double digit targets and 17 games of 16+ fantasy points per game.

Tight End: Delanie Walker, is currently being drafted in the eighth round as the ninth Tight End off the board. Walker is old and yes this draft class has a plethora of Tight Ends, but lets also realize Jason Witten is 34 and just signed a 4 year contract. Who else is older like this? Antonio Gates. Walker will be 33 this season, but I believe is being discounted largely due to his age. In the last three years, he has placed in the top six for targets (first in 2015) and has had no season with fewer then 102. Since the start 2014 season, he has finished eighth or better at his position for catches in a season. In his last 45 games, Walker has had 31 games with at least four catches. In terms of fantasy points, he has scored 13 or more in 17 of his 30 games.

*Points per game based on MyFantasyLeague MFL10s (PPR)