By: J R Hiatt @Jrhiatt86
Updated: 11/20/2017

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Upcoming FAs, Fournette, Trade Deadlines, and More

Upcoming Free Agents
Everyone has different strategies when it comes to their fantasy football teams. Chances are, if you’re a hardcore dynasty owner, you have some sort of belief or following towards players in contract years and players who just signed a big new deal. If you’re following the potential upcoming free agency class, you know there’s many bigger offensive weapons gearing up to hit the open market. Names such as Kirk Cousins, Tyler Eifert, Jeremy Hill, and potentially Alshon Jeffery. While the year is over for the two mentioned Bengals players, have to believe Alshon and Captain Kirk will be doing all they can to market themselves for big dollars elsewhere. Which means good things for your fantasy team.

Leonard Fournette

Leonard Fournette missed practice again last Friday. While Coach Bradley downplayed it to something that has been repeated the last few weeks during the lingering ankle injury, fantasy owners should not treat it the same. Fournette was unable to finish last week’s game, skipping much of the second half in a 3-point game, and it’s not like the Jaguars are competing for the #1 overall pick next year.

Despite being scared of the cold or whatever the issue might be, he started in Cleveland. As it’s been all year, that ridiculous Jags D showed up and took care of the game pretty much alone. Fournette did end up starting against Cleveland, but he did leave the game several times with obvious pain in his ankle. Despite leaving and coming back in several times, he ended up with 28 carries for 111 yards. After the game Fournette mentioned “I dealt with it in College; it’s nothing new for me”. This is pretty concerning for fantasy owners, and for dynasty owners, it’s pretty terrifying.

The Fantasy Trade Deadline
Thanksgiving is coming up, along with the fantasy trade deadline in a lot of leagues, and while Twitter is full of trade offers with injured stars, anyone competing in dynasty leagues want to keep their Dalvin Cook’s and Deshaun Watson’s. So where do you go? If you’re like me and you lose Tyrod and Deshaun on the same team in back to back week’s, check in on the pending free agent Kirk Cousins, Reed should play more the second half of the season and Kirk wants a nice payday, so he’ll perform well. Need a RB? I targeted C.J. Anderson A LOT, great performer who should get more touches with the continued QB struggles in Denver. I’d also look at Jordan Howard, a lot seem to be selling low and this is the wrong time to do so. Trubisky is showing big improvement, Cohen is getting reduced, all of which show more field and touches for Howard. Need IDP? Follow the injuries. Avril going down in Seattle gives big boosts to both DE Frank Clark and LB K.J. Wright. If you need Safety help, go to San Francisco. Playmaker Taritt going down is a huge boost to Eric Reid and rookie Adrian Colbert.

I mention Frank Clark and K.J. Wright as beneficiaries of Cliff Avril’s injury, but that’s far from all the Seattle Seahawks defense is hurting from. Last week they lost CB Richard Sherman for the season (and maybe more) with a torn achilles. Now news is out they have also lost S Kam Chancellor for the season and fellow safety Earl Thomas hasn’t been healthy of late either. What does this mean for your fantasy team? There is no Legion of Doom for fellow opposing offensive stars. While the front 7 is still extremely strong with Wagner, Wright, Sheldon, and more, they won’t be able to control the running game with how spread out they’ll be covering the passing game. Fire at will.

Quarterback Struggles
The season is more than halfway through and we’ve seen a lot rookie quarterbacks on the field so far, with Bills Nathan Peterman the latest to join the club. The top choices entered the season at different points and have equally as different of outputs. Deshaun Watson entered in Week 1 and performed as if he’ll be a long-term stud, before suffering his season ending injury in practice. Meanwhile, Mitch Trubisky (#TrubTrain) suffered the agony with us, of having to watch Mike Glennon act as a starter. Since taking his job, it’s been slow and appeared mediocre, but then again…Who is he throwing to? Week 10 was a step in the right direction though, second straight chance getting over 30 attempts, the latter performance though had almost double the yardage. So the jury is still out here. The jury is not still out on DeShone Kizer, as I predicted, he’s not the guy, he won’t be the guy, if he’s lucky he’ll be somebody’s backup guy in a year or two. Last is my nemesis Nathan Peterman, my nemesis because I like Tyrod and own him a lot. I hated this move, and I still do since the Bills are a playoff contender at the moment. While I hate it though, I understand the reasoning for it. They’re not keeping Tyrod after this year, they don’t want to have an injury to have Tyrod fail a physical (big time money clause), and they need to see what they have before the offseason. Now while I immediately called it terrible and called for an expected firing of McDermott this year, the tape on Peterman (which I viewed after my Tweet) when he came in last week was…a bit impressive. I’d happily grab him or buy for a low pick right now anywhere possible. Wouldn’t be the first time or last a lower round QB pans out and he certainly has the weapons around him.