By: AJ Flores @ChxckenAlfredo
Updated: 11/9/2017

Week 10 Home

Week 10 Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em

Must Start ‘em – Jared Goff vs Houston Texans
Points Scored: 30
Rank: QB3
Jared yet again finds himself on here. With head coach McVay, the team has the highest point differential. Houston is giving up the 3rd most points per game & is 4th in most TDs given through the air. This will be Goff’s first meeting with the Texans.

Start ‘em– Eli Manning @ San Francisco 49ers
Points Scored: 19.6
Rank: QB12
Eli will be on the road against one of the worst teams in the league. The 49ers are the 4th worst team against QBs. They’re giving up 21.3 ppg to the position. Through 9 games, they’ve given up 19 total touchdowns to the position. The 9ers are also in the top 5 for most yards given up passing. Elis last meeting with the 49ers (2015), he went for 441 yards, 3 TDs, and 1 INT.

Start ‘em– Ben Roethlisberger @ Indianapolis Colts
Points Scored: 20.3
Rank: QB11
Big Ben is a different QB on the road, but playing in the Colts dome shouldn’t be a problem. The Colts have given up the most yards through the air, but only 13 touchdowns. The good thing is, the last time Ben was in Indianapolis, he went for 221 yards and 3 touchdowns in 2016.

Must sit ‘em – Philip Rivers @ Jacksonville Jaguars
Points Scored: 17.6
Rank: QB17
Jacksonville is the only team allowing less than 10 points per game to QBs. Rivers has had his way with Jacksonville in the past. This team is far different from the Jaguar defenses he’s previously faced. Jacksonville is only allowing 1 TD every other game along with an average of 179 yards per game. Rivers career average against Jacksonville is 303 yards and 2.7 TDs per game. Don’t expect to see that this week.

Sit ‘em– Jacoby Brissett vs Pittsburgh Steelers
Points Scored: 17.8
Rank: QB15
The Steelers are a top 3 team against QBs as they are only allowing 203 yards per game and a passing touchdown every 3 out of 4 games. Pittsburgh also has more interceptions than touchdowns allowed passing at 7 to 6. This will be Jacobys first time playing the Steelers.

Sit ‘em– Jay Cutler @ Carolina Panthers
Points Scored: 16.5
Rank: QB20
The Panthers are just outside the top 5 for fewest ppg given up to QBs. The Panthers have given up 214 yards per game to the position and 12 touchdowns, but Cutler has been bad through 4 games against Carolina. Over those 4 games Cutler has never thrown for more touchdowns than interceptions. Cutler has also surpassed 200 yards passing once.

Running Backs
Must start ‘em– Orleans Darkwa / Wayne Gallman @ San Francisco 49ers
Points Scored: 12.8 / 2.2
Rank: RB17 / RB65
The 49ers are giving up the most ppg to RBs. They’re giving up a total of 182 total yards per game. They’ve also given up 10 total TDs. The 9ers are also giving up on average 6 catches out the backfield.

Start ‘em– CJ Anderson vs New England Patriots
Points Scored: 6.5
Rank: RB44
You can’t blame CJ for a poor performance against the best team against RBs rushing the ball. CJ gets a top 3 matchup against the New England Patriots in mile high. In CJs last game against the Patriots (2015), CJ went off for a huge game with 113 yards rushing, 4 catches, 40 yards receiving, and 2 touchdowns.

Start ‘em– Matt Forte / Bilal Powell @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Points Scored: N/A / 2.6
Rank: N/A / RB62
In 4 career games against the Buccaneers, Forte has never had less than 50 yards rushing and 20 yards receiving in a game. You can pencil Matt for a double digit game in PPR. The Bucs are giving up the 4th most ppg to RBs, allowing 1,100 total yards and 9 touchdowns. This will be Bilal’s 2nd game against Tampa, as he hasn’t played them since 2013.

Must sit ‘em– Todd Gurley vs Houston Texans
Points Scored: 19.6
Rank: RB6
The Texans have allowed a total of 102 yards from scrimmage a game to RBs. The Texans are the top team against RBs allowing the fewest points. The Texans have only allowed 4 TDs in 8 games. The top two RBs the Texans have faced were Fournette and Hunt who both put up 100 yards rushing but only Fournette finished with a TD. This will be Gurleys first time facing the Texans.

Sit ‘em – New England RBs vs Denver Broncos (Lewis, White, Burkhead)
Points Scored: 11.5 /10.8 / 15.3
Rank: RB24 / RB29 / RB11
The Broncos are going to be returning home pissed that they just got clobbered by the Eagles and their rushing attack for nearly 200 yards and 3 touchdowns. The Broncos before the Eagles game only allowed 3 total touchdowns through 7 games. Denver is only allowing 104 yards to backs, stay clear.

Sit ‘em– Miami RBs @ Carolina Panthers
Points Scored: 17.2 / 5.9
Rank: RB7 / RB46
The duo of Drake and Williams will be face with a tough matchup, going against Luke and Thomas. The Panthers are giving up the 3rd fewest PPGto RBs. The Panther have allowed 950 total yards and 4 total TDs to the position, if you have other options, look to start them.

Wide Receivers
Must start ‘em– Robby Anderson @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Points Scored: 18.5
Rank: WR15
With the Chiefs on a bye week, the Bucs are giving up the most PPG to the position. The Bucs per game have given up 14 catches and 183 yards to WRs. Anderson has posted 13-187-3 over his last 3 contest. This will be a revenge game for McCown and he’ll look to torch the Bucs. This will be Robby’s first game against Tampa.

Start ‘em– Kendall Wright vs Green Bay Packers
Points Scored: 9.6
Rank: WR41
The Packers are giving up the 4th most PPGto WRs. Kendall has saw the Packers once this season and had a 4-51-1 line against them. The Bears are without their top receiver Zach Miller for the rest of the season, someone will have to step up. In both of Wrights games against the Packers, he has scored a TD.

Start ‘em– Doug Baldwin / Paul Richardson @ Arizona Cardinals
Points Scored: 14.5 / 5.3
Rank: WR22 / WR69
Patrick Peterson shadows the outside receivers and it’s not like there is two of him. One of these guys will get open as the back end of their secondary is pretty mediocre. The Cardinals are giving up the 5th most PPG. Baldwin is averaging 4 catches and 55 yards. Also Baldwin hasn’t caught a TD in Arizona, but he has torched 13-171-1 in his latest game against the Cardinals. Richardson has caught 3 of his 5 TDs inside the RZ.

Must sit ‘em– Keenan Allen @ Jacksonville Jaguars
Points Scored: 9.4
Rank: WR43
Jacksonville is allowing 9 catches to WRs per game. They are the top of the class when it comes to fewest ppg to the position. They’re second in the league behind the Broncos giving up 106 yards to receivers. Jacksonville has only given up 2 TDs to WRs on the year. Keenan hasn’t faced the Jaguars since 2014 when he went 10-135-0.

Sit ‘em– T.Y. Hilton vs Pittsburgh Steelers
Points Scored: 4.3
Rank: WR74
The Steelers are right behind the Jaguars in fewest PPGgiven up. Pittsburgh has only allowed a TD in every other game to the position. Like the Jaguars, the Steelers are also only allowing 9 catches by wide outs per game. T.Y. hasn’t topped 60 yards against the Steelers (2 games) since 2014 where he went 6-155-1.

Sit ‘em– Brandin Cooks @ Denver Broncos
Points Scored: 13.4
Rank: WR27
With the Ravens on a bye, the Broncos are the 3rd best against WRs. In the Broncos previous 7 games prior to the week 9 matchup with the Eagles where Alshon had 84 yards and 2 TDs, the highest scoring WR was Johnny Holton with 64 yards and 1 TD, I’m sure many of you are like who is that? Anyways, Cooks has met once with the Broncos last season and went 3-98-1.

Tight Ends

Start ‘em– Kyle Rudolph @ Washington Redskins
Points Scored: 8.7
Rank: TE16
Washington is giving up the 4th most PPG in the league. Kyle has caught at least 5 passes in each of his last 4 contest, in 3 of his last 4 he’s totaled 40 yards, and he’s caught 2 touchdowns in 2 of 4 games. The Skins are allowing 5 catches and 78 yards per game. Rudolph has career averages against the skins totaling 4 catches, 49 yards, and 1 touchdown per game in 3 contest.

Must start ‘em– Eric Ebron vs Cleveland Browns
Points Scored: 11.9
Rank: TE11
He’s been really bad, but he’s bound to breakout sometime, right? Cleveland is the worst in the league against TEs and with 4 teams on bye this week (KC/PHI/OAK/BAL) you’re missing names like Kelce, Cook, Watson, & Ertz. Cleveland has given up score in 6 of 8 games to TEs and is allowing 7 catches and 67 yards per game to the position. This will be Ebron’s first matchup with Cleveland.

Start ‘em– Coby Fleener @ Buffalo Bills
Points Scored: 0
Rank: T-TE42
As much as you hated reading that name, I despised myself for typing it. Buffalo is giving the 10th most PPG to the position. Yes, the Saints have found a new love for their RBs. Buffalo is giving up 5 catches and 65 yards per game to TEs. Fleener has one previous matchup with the Bills, but I don’t want to talk about it.

Must sit ‘em- Jason Witten @ Atlanta Falcons
Points Scored: 12.9
Rank: TE7
I was going to put ASJ here, but then I recalled this would be a revenge game for him, so start him up. One of the brighter spots for Atlanta has been its defense against TEs. They are 4th in fewest ppg given up. Atlanta is giving up 4 catches for 48 yards on average and have only allowed 1 TD through 8 games. Jason’s career averages in 5 games against the Falcons is just about equivalent to what Atlanta gives up.

Sit ‘em– Jack Doyle vs Pittsburgh Steelers
Points Scored: 2.9
Rank: TE30
@nicosaurus31 is going to hate me, but this is the second Colt to land on this list. The Steelers are 7th in fewest ppg and they are well aware that Brissett loves Doyle. The Steelers are allowing 4 catches for 44 yards per game. They’ve only allowed a TD in 2 of 8 games. In Doyle’s last game against the Steelers he totaled 2 catches for 25 yards.

Sit ‘em– Austin Hooper vs Dallas Cowboys OR Julius Thomas @ Carolina Panthers
Points Scored: 16.9 / 8.8
Rank: TE3 / TE15
I wasn’t sure who to put here as both are facing tough opposing defenses for their positions as the Panthers rank 8th and the Cowboys rank 10th in fewest ppg. For Hooper, the Cowboys have only given up 2 touchdowns through 8 games and allowing 4 catches and 49 yards per game. For Julius, the Panthers are only allowing 3 catches and 40 yards a game, with 4 TDs allowed through 9 games. This will be Austin’s and Julius debuts against the teams they’re up against.