By: AJ Flores @ChxckenAlfredo
Updated: 11/15/2017

Week 11 Home

Week 11 Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em

Must Start ‘em – Derek Carr vs New England Patriots
Points Scored: 15.8
Rank: 19

Derek Carr is coming off a bye week and facing the Patriots at home. Brock Osweiler and Sanders were looking fairly good on Sunday night early on. Yes, I said Osweiler was looking fairly good, until the game became one dimensional. The Patriots are giving up the most ppg to QBs, have allowed 17 pass TDs, 2nd most pass yards, and only have 7 interceptions. Derek hasn’t faced off with the Patriots since 2014.

Start ‘em – Eli Manning vs Kansas City Chiefs
Points Scored: 10.7
Rank: 23

The second week I have Eli on my start list. Finished as QB12 on the week against the 49ers. The Chiefs are giving up the 6th most ppg to QBs. The Chiefs having allowed 2,434 yards and 16 touchdowns makes it a nice matchup for Shepard and Engram for big days. Eli hasn’t played the Chiefs with much success in the past. Eli has faced the Chiefs 3 times, throwing a total of 5 TDs and 3 INTs. Eli hasn’t faced the Chiefs at home since he was nearly 25.

Start ‘em– Smokin’ Jay vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Points Scored: 2.2
Rank: 28

Cutler managed to finish as QB20 against one of the better defenses against QBs in the league. He now gets a matchup against a team giving up the 8th most ppg to QBs at home. Cutler doesn’t have a great history against Tampa, but some would say his weapons are slightly better now than he had last season in Chicago.

Must sit ‘em – Matthew Stafford @ Chicago Bears
Points Scored:

This comes to me as a shocker as the Bears are giving up the 4th fewest ppg to the QB position. In 9 career games in Chicago, Stafford is averaging more interceptions than touchdowns. His career averages are 174 yards, 1.13 TDs, and 1.22 interceptions per game.

Sit ‘em – Case Keenum vs Los Angeles Rams
Points Scored: 20
Rank: 12

Revenge game for Case Keenum makes me laugh a little, but the Rams defense is top 5 against QBs. The Rams have as many interceptions as TDs allowed at 11. On top of that they are only allowing 223 yards through the air. Keenum’s first matchup against the Rams in his short career.

Sit ‘em – Jared Goff @ Minnesota Vikings
Points Scored: 12
Rank: 21

Yeah, just sit both of the QBs in this game. The Vikings are just outside the top 10 in fewest PPG to the position at 11th. The Vikings on average have allowed 1 TD per game and have 8 interceptions. Minnesota is also giving up on average 229 yards through the air. This is Goff’s first time matching up with the Vikings.

Running Backs

Must Start ‘em – Kenyan Drake vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Points Scored: 2.4
Rank: 59

This is all that needs to be said…

Start ‘em – Austin Ekeler vs Buffalo Bills
Points Scored: 13.8
Rank: 18

The Bills are giving up the 2nd most ppg to RBs. Ekeler had 119 total yards on 15 touches last week to top it off with 2 touchdowns against the Jaguars. The Bills have allowed a total of 1,385 yards to RBs and 12 touchdowns. Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara did okay against the Bills defense last week, right?

Start ‘em – Dion Lewis / Rex Burkhead @ Oakland Raiders
Points Scored: 18.8 / 7.7
Rank: 8 / 37

The tandem had a solid week with both scoring a touchdown. Lewis was the leading rusher with 55 yards and his TD coming on the ground. While Burkhead had 63 total yards and his touchdown through the air. The Raiders have allowed 1,452 yards total to backs and 6 total touchdowns. Also giving up the 4th most PPG.

Must Sit ‘em – Todd Gurley vs Minnesota Vikings
Points Scored: 14.6
Rank: 16

Wrong about sitting Gurley last week? Fine. Sit ’em again this week. The Vikings are the 2nd best team against RBs. They’ve allowed 3 total TDs through 9 games. Minnesota is only giving up 110 total yards to RBs. The Vikings defense is one of the best all-around defenses in the league.

Sit ‘em – Dallas Cowboys RBs vs Philadelphia Eagles
Points Scored: 9.1 / 1.1
Rank: 34 / 69

The Eagles have been phenomenal against the RB position and sitting at 4th in the league at fewest PPG to the RB position. The Cowboys will be in deep water if their starting LT misses this game, that could force Dallas to become one dimensional.

Sit ‘em – Lamar Miller vs Arizona Cardinals
Points Scored: 18.3
Rank: 10

The Cardinals are 7th in fewest ppg given up to RBs. They’ve allowed 5 TDs to the position and only 121 total yards per game. Houston has to rely on Tom Savage being reliable and keeping the box empty which I don’t see happening. Houston ppg have dropped significantly when Watson is out.

Wide Receivers

Must Start ‘em – Sterling Shepard vs Kansas City Chiefs
Points Scored: N/A
Rank: N/A

The Chiefs have given up the most ppg to WRs. They’ve allowed the 10th most receptions, 3rd most yards, and the most TDs in the league to the position. In Shepard’s two games back, he has posted 16 catches on 22 targets for 212 yards. He has no previous meetings against the Chiefs.

Start ‘em – Larry Fitzgerald @ Houston Texans
Points Scored: 24.1
Rank: 6

Blaine Gabbert will continue to find Larry. The Texans have the 4th worst defense against WRs. They’ve allowed the 2nd most TDs in the league at 12. Jacoby Brissett was able to find T.Y. Hilton multiple times against this defense for a huge game.

Start ‘em – Jeremy Maclin @ Green Bay Packers
Points Scored: 7.4
Rank: 48

The Packers are the 5th worst team against WRs. The Packers have given up the 8th most receptions and the 7th most yards. In 3 previous matchups for Jeremy, he is averaging a touchdown. He has previous lines of 4-38-1 & 9-93-1 with Philadelphia and 8-141-1 with Kansas City.

Must Sit ‘em – Green Bay WRs vs Baltimore Ravens
Points Scored: 4.4 / 20.6 / 6.4
Rank: 69 / 8 / 59

Baltimore is the 2nd best team against WRs having only allowed 5 touchdowns through 9 games. The Ravens are allowing a little over 9 catches and 112 yards per game. Don’t rely on anyone this week, especially with the RBs group being in shambles.

Sit ‘em – Doug Baldwin vs Atlanta Falcons
Points Scored: 12
Rank: 32

The Falcons come in at 7th overall in fewest PPG allowed to WRs. Atlanta is allowing 10 catches and 120 yards to WR groups per game. Atlanta has only allowed 7 touchdowns through 9 games of play. Doug Baldwin has 3 previous games against the Falcons with his latest in 2016 posting 4-31-0. Baldwin has 0 touchdowns against the Falcons in any of those 3 previous meetings.

Sit ‘em – Stefon Diggs vs Los Angeles Rams
Points Scored: 7.2
Rank: 50

The Rams are the 8th best team against WRs. Keenum and company have been doing well as of late, but this is a legitimate team they are facing here. The Rams have allowed only 5 touchdowns to WRs through 9 games. There per game averages are 10 catches and 138 yards.

Tight Ends

Must Start ‘em – Tyler Kroft @ Denver Broncos
Points Scored: 9.2
Rank: 13

The Broncos have given up the most ppg to TEs. They have allowed the most yards this year by 84. Denver is 3rd in the league with 6 TDs given up to TEs. They’re allowing 6 catches and 82 yards per game.

Start ‘em – Cameron Brate @ Miami Dolphins
Points Scored: 2.2
Rank: 35

Ed Dickson scored his first TD of the season against this defense. The Dolphins are the 5th worst defense against TEs. The Dolphins are giving up on average 6 for 57 and a TD allowed in 5 of 9 games. This will be Brate’s first game against Miami.

Start ‘em – Marcedes Lewis @ Cleveland Browns
Points Scored: 10.6
Rank: 11

Cleveland is the 2nd worst team against TEs. The Browns are giving up an average of 6 catches and 64 yards per game and allowed TDs in 7 of 9 games. In 4 career games for Lewis he has totaled 18-190-2.

Must Sit ‘em – Delanie Walker @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Points Scored: 15.2
Rank: 4

The Steelers have allowed the 2nd fewest ppg in the league to TEs. They’ve allowed 2 touchdowns through 9 games this season. Giving up on average 4 catches and 40 yards per game. In 3 games against the Steelers, Delanie is averaging 2-19-0.

Sit ‘em – Ben Watson @ Green Bay Packers
Points Scored: 4.3
Rank: 26

The Packers have surpassed the 49ers and Steelers as best team against TEs. They have allowed 0 TDs through 9 games this season. The combo of Blake Martinez and Clay Matthews is slowing down opposing TEs. Giving up per game averages of 3 catches for 38 yards. Watson has faced Green Bay twice scoring once and averaging 2-37.

Sit ‘em – Julius Thomas vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Points Scored: 7
Rank: 17

The Buccaneers are 6th best team against TEs. The Bucs have only allowed TDs in a third of their games. The Bucs per game averages are 3 catches for 43 yards. The Jets needed 9 targets to get ASJ 6 catches for 67 yards and no TDs. Thomas has only saw more than 5 targets in one game. In one previous game for Julius against the Bucs he posted 2 catches for 20 yards in 2015.